BIG BIRD. Member reactions:
Then perhaps you should get another, yes. Thank you
Awesome water works, Hits. And Great Pic.
Thanks, just glad it didn't get DQed and can still stay up on the net. Though I don't think it rates on the search engine crawlers like the top 3 spots. For some reason Denlig's Kod doesn't show up. Leaves me scratching my head. Anyway, thanks, Champ, SS and Kerri... I am rather fond of the water effect. I finally insisted and erased enough to where I won. It was a basta-d getting it to cooperate

Funny Paul Ryan Is For The Birds

Paul Ryan Is For The Birds
Member reactions:
He looks like the evil guy from last season's Game of Thrones
Yes he does. The mouth expression, eyes and the nose look very similar in this image. Ramsay Bolton
Ryan and friend, both sporting bird brains. Awesome Job.
Thanks UncleC, D-Man, Kellie, and Gummy.Your votes and comments are greatly appreciated.
Given the current trend in voting/scale here at FN. I understand now. "touche" My Bad. Even so... it is still not a "6"
This is really funny and perfectly executed.. Congrats Splat......
Well played Splat, congrats 😎👍🏼
Love the Bird. Very well done Splats, Congrats on knocking down the Silver.
No it is not a 6. I gave it an 8 and would have given it a 9 with a little more brush texturizing. But it wouldn't require much. The grain setting is a perfect match and the crow is a hoot . That cracked me up. See, the addition of adding humor raised it up a point (voters) by my requirements Monkeys can cut and paste, they do that on other sites.
Thank you very much UncleC, Bob, Andrew and Hits.
Yes your right, Spinner. Next time I'll remember the brush texture. Just a little though. I've put that bird on the head other chops too..., I laugh every time.




JAIL BIRD PRESIDENT... I didn't get the wrong one I think you should all do some research... over a dozen women accusing him of ... ual abuse, 3,500 lawsuits.. and running a phony school No this the right one.
Member reactions:
I think you chopped the wrong candidate there.
No I got the right one. And what you see is only the top of the iceberg.. this man has so much dirty laundry, it's pathetic....
Just think, If she wins Her and Bill will be the first husband/wife couple to both be impeached.
I doubt it....Trump runs more of that risk with all his 3,500 lawsuits against him..
Both Trump and Hillery have records that make the dump smell like a rose.
You're confused's the skirt a.k.a. Hillary 'Rob-Em' Clinton that should be in jail.

Funny Bird Dog and a Cat Fish

Bird Dog and a Cat Fish

Funny The Great Hornbill Bird Dog

The Great Hornbill Bird Dog
Member reactions:
I like the foreground/background differentiation.

Funny European Starling Dog Bird

European Starling Dog Bird

Funny Bird Dog

Bird Dog

Funny Angry bird

Angry bird

Funny bird dog

bird dog
Member reactions:
That's a dird. My run this contest again.

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