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Funny Birdie Pictures

Watch the BirdieFunny Watch the Birdie
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This is an awesome chop nice cute girl and the elephant and the other animals were really impressive to see helping each other
, Awesome work it...congrats on the gold...
congratulationssss Rain,... , from the tiny little spanish village to the Dali elephant ,,this is a wonderful image..
Thanks all... Can you spot the house cat.
Watching the fish behind the bowl. This is spectacular. The only thing that bugs me is the non-straight horizon. And I'm willing to believe that was on purpose, because Dali did it at some point.
* CONGRATS' for your double award dear master_friend...^v^

Phil Mickelson Gets A BirdieFunny Phil Mickelson Gets A Birdie
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Not easy putting a shotgun in Phil's hands and creating a bent arm and elbow. Try it.Golfer shoots goose on course Source

Bird Feeding Royal Birdies in NestFunny Bird Feeding Royal Birdies in Nest
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Thanks, HoHouse. geriatric...what are you congratulating me for.

That's It, Watch The Birdie...Funny That's It, Watch The Birdie...
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Bye Bye BirdieFunny Bye Bye Birdie
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I didnt place this here by mistake
killing seagulls with alka seltzer is mad cruel and despicable.i live in florida so i know they can be a nuisance,but there is nothing funny about those birds having their stomach blow up.hopefully this chop is just dark humor and not an endorsement .
You forgot it is also against the law. Calm down, I am not condoning the act it is DARK HUMOR.
Well, that's a fact I didn't want to visualize. Yikes. Nice job-good luck.

One Birdie Down Golf Digital ArtFunny One Birdie Down Golf Digital Art
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18th Birdie - A Woman`s AnguishFunny 18th Birdie - A Woman`s Anguish
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Whether I have read or been told that some women when confronted with boyfriend/spouse being unfaithful, the pain they feel makes them want to strip off all their clothes and run n*ked thru the world, the pain for Tiger's wife could've been worse, she could have caught him in the arms of another man. This is an adaption of one of my earlier pics.
Good job, but try to keep them more decent next time
there's nothing there to see, I believe I was expressing angst not titillation. but ok.

Bye Bye BirdieFunny Bye Bye Birdie
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For BirdieFunny For Birdie
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Quiet please.
The idea has a merit. I'd remove the white outline on the penguin and make his shadow outline softer.

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