Funny Little Girl Holding Bird Near a Birdhouse

Little Girl Holding Bird Near a Birdhouse
She is my little princess. She is my daughter. better view in large size. source :
Member reactions:
Sooo sweet and this has to be viewed large. The ambience is impressive. Just a slight technical note, do you think you can improve this with a subtle shadow to anchor her to the bench. My eye went to that so thought someone else might as well. Lovely daughter, hidden. I bet she loves this hahahaha
Thank you for your note Hits, i'm try to edit tomorrow, and thank you too Kratos.
I agree with Hit. There just needs to be a slight shadow Cute daughter by the way.
I have edited the shadows in this picture, I hope you like it
Nice work & so very vibrant, reminds me of Prems work
I agree with the concept and execution. A memorable tribute to her.
Hey, congrads on your first advanced cup.... I figured it had a good chance
geriatric, , This make my daughter so happy when her mother got win with her picture. Newsy, thank you so much. Hitspiner, This is not my first trophy for the advance, but my second trophy, but I am very grateful for all your advice on this picture. funkwood, thank you so much. all, thank you. I am grateful for all the high vote given in this picture, and one thing I wanted to tell you all that my daughter is always giving advice to all kinds of pictures that I won, and if I did not ask for advice on her, I usually lose .. .. hahaha, because mama always less rigorous in editing a picture.
She is now 6 years old. And also loved playing with photoshop, all the tools she can, although the process has not tidy. I am very fond and proud of her.
Thank you so much pree and Disasterman111.
maybe she'll be a great artist someday yosi... if she takes after her mother...
Beautiful work and a beautiful daughter. Congrats yoisi.
funkwood, yeah, i wish she'll be a great artist someday. Xaos54, thank you. macwithfries, thank you so much.
congrats on the woody yosi keep up top works

Funny New Birdhouse Burger

New Birdhouse Burger
Introducing the New Burger .. Limited time offer .. zz
Member reactions:
nice entry, makes me hungry (especially the little chick)
LoL Yes it is brilliant
I dont care about winning anymore... it puts a Huge smile in my heart just by reading all these comments Thank You Ladies & Gengtlemen ))))
a truly well deserved win, piece of art. congrats.
Congrats on the golden birdhouse, vipez. This rawks.
Thanks ... This is my First Gold .. And all i can say is .... trust me this is just the START .. LoLz . All you GOLD Getters out there watch out Vipez creepin right behind ya Muwahaha ... FreakingNews is Awesome ..
hahah finally you got the gold ... congarats on that vipez you deserved that , keep up your fantastic works , of course Freakingnews is AWESOME

Funny Jack and the Crows Birdhouse

Jack and the Crows Birdhouse
Member reactions:
I think this is excellent, especially for an apprentice. Good luck--you deserve it.
Very impressive. I like how the holes in the birdhouse remind the eyes in the doll.

Funny Nativity Birdhouse

Nativity Birdhouse
Member reactions:
This is great. Have you thought of another background.

Funny Country Loft Birdhouse

Country Loft Birdhouse
Member reactions:
Cute. That's the second time I have used that word today. I never use that word but, it fits. Unique.
Great one cicsaix .. keep up top works mate ...

Funny Birdhouse Toilet

Birdhouse Toilet
go ahead....... everyone else does....
Member reactions:
PMSL. What a gr8 idea
Just wait till the outhouse on top is used...
Another classic from the Slayer. Congrats on the bronze.
hahah cool work beerslayer ... congrats on the bronze and keep up great works

Funny Diving Helmet Birdhouse

Diving Helmet Birdhouse
Member reactions:
Congratulations wanderabs - magnificent win.
Grande presente de aniver em .. Parabens ;d

Funny Lemur Stuck in a Birdhouse

Lemur Stuck in a Birdhouse
I just thought this lemur with his tongue hanging out was hilarious and had to use the picture.

Funny Rat's BirdHouse

Rat's BirdHouse
Member reactions:
Well at least they are out of the kitchen..
Congratulations on the win, wonderful image.

Funny Birdhouse

Photoshop this birdhouse image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-designing this birdhouse, decorating it, putting some unusual tenants into the birdhouse (birds, people, animals, objects, etc), putting this birdhouse into some new environment, using this birdhouse image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Elise Elsenheimer and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Birdhouse

Furnish and/or decorate this birdhouse image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include painting the birdhouse, redesigning it, putting the birdhouse in some unusual places. Even add birds! These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Keb for sponsoring this contest and to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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