Fancy Double Story Birdhouse
Fancy Double Story Birdhouse
Fancy Double Story Birdhouse. If the family keeps growing, there comes the time where a man has to make some home improvements. That's what happened here. Plz comment it. It's my first entry here.
Member reactions:
Its a nice house and idea. The only thing I would have done a bit differently is to make the perspective a little wider as it looks like its aobut to fall off the tree. You have done a good job with the lighting.
Welcome. and a good first entry, keep up the good work

Funny Birdhouse Flood

Birdhouse Flood

Funny Church Birdhouse on a Tree

Church Birdhouse on a Tree
Member reactions:
Very creative concept and looks photo-realistic.

Funny The Moulin Rouge Birdhouse

The  Moulin Rouge Birdhouse

Funny Monkeys in a Birdhouse

Monkeys in a Birdhouse
These aren't birds, but I think they want it.
Member reactions:
Nice work. It would have been better if you could have got the monkey in the house to look like his nose was sticking out.
Excellent work, congratulations on the silver.

Funny Sylvester Catches Tweet in His Birdhouse

Sylvester Catches Tweet in His Birdhouse
Member reactions:
My kids love this one. Nice to see Sylvester win for a change.

Funny Cat Watching a Birdhouse

Cat Watching a Birdhouse
Member reactions:
That's a seriously big full view , good picture .

Funny Birdhouse Condos

Birdhouse Condos

Funny Squirrel in a Birdhouse

Squirrel in a Birdhouse

Funny BIrdHouse Skyscraper in City

BIrdHouse Skyscraper in City

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