Kim Jong Un Playing Bingo
Kim Jong Un Playing Bingo
Kim Jong Un Playing Bingo. It's truly amazing how Kim Jong-Un has gotten every number called on his card.
Member reactions:
The birdies in his hair nest cracked me up.
Good idea... his hair looks the best of nest for the birds to breed crazy guy with craziest thoughts put into
Nice job Doc, lotsa great details in your chop.
Whad'ya doing down here. Slumming. Funny chop.

Funny Bingo Night

Bingo Night
Member reactions:
Well adjusted both the couple over that table,... good merge and i really like this chop...

Funny American Bailout Bingo

American Bailout Bingo

Funny Queen Elizabeth Playing Bingo

Queen Elizabeth Playing Bingo
The great American passtime for the senior set.....BINGO. (Full View Please.)
Member reactions:
Great - it made me smile - you captured a true American moment
, I knew someone would have to do this one.
It was the first thing that popped into my head and I ran with it. Glad it gives you all a giggle.

Funny Shrimp Playing Bingo

Shrimp Playing Bingo
You know where you can find this geezer every Saturday night. BINGO... View full for details and stuff.
Member reactions:
Sweet Crusty Old Shrimp. (Full view is an absolute must.)
i miss the tail but this still one of the best entries by far, it is full of great details. The beard and hair masking job is just priceless.
This bingo shrimp is just too awesome. The shoes the beard, the ring the glasses the bingo card. Bingo, it's a winner, baby.
Simply awesome. I love his style, especially his ring.

Funny IRS Bingo Cards

IRS Bingo Cards
WASHINGTON, DC - Many a moon ago, Albert Einstein, a man of pure genius, couldn't figure out his taxes. He tried to develop his own theories of deductivity, but broke 2,042 calculators in doing so. His last dying words were: "This is too difficult for a mathematician. It takes a philosopher." That's when the IRS hired Stephen Hawking who sat down and studied the IRS tax codes. After years and years of toiling and frustration, he developed the IRS Bingo Card. And now he spends his time in a wheelchair and speaks via a computer. His comments on this entire debacle. Simple: " ... off."
Member reactions:
Pure genius. The brilliant story goes perfectly with the great picture.
Florida Seniors play 30 Bingo cards at a time but can't vote correct...
Unfortunately for the winner, he did not understand the fine print
. how true
Nice job on the chalk, looks very realistic
"Tax returns should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler" ~Albert Einstein

Funny Bingo

Grandma Loved the Internet even more than her weekly Bingo night.
Member reactions:
user name: sxyslvrvixn4U OR nrsinghomenasty
Bit rough/pixel8ed, but funny nonetheless

Funny Bingo Winner

Bingo Winner
Jacques Chirac unexpectedly decided to retire this week. He plans on spending his time in a lovely little retirement home and playing lots of Bingo. Look, he's won a game already.

Funny 2013 Bingo Card

2013 Bingo Card
Yeah. I Won.

Funny Man Playing Bingo Painting by Vermeer

Man Playing Bingo Painting by Vermeer
Get those Bingo Wings a flappin'...

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