Mayor Bing & 'The Spirit of Detroit'
Mayor Bing & 'The Spirit of Detroit'
Mayor Bing & 'The Spirit of Detroit'. Detroit's Bankruptcy

Funny Coca Cola ad with Bing Crosby

Coca Cola ad with Bing Crosby
Coca Cola, Buying the rights to dead people since 1906. Bus Stop + Crosby Himself = fun times Go to full view and check out the reflections
Member reactions:
Beautiful job, love the reflections. Clean work, and very convincing.
"Hi, I'm Bing Crosby. After beating the sh.t outta my kids, I love to sit back and relax with an ice cold Coca Cola"
This is nice well thought out entry. Just one nit picky question, why are there numbers on bottom left side. Handsome guy on seat too, very ... y.
I see numbers are on the source pic, be simple to remove,
Congratulations on your first gold. A well-deserving gold indeed. Beautiful work here.
Thanks for the support. My goal was for it to look like a real photo some random person took, so i figured it'd be pretty pointless to take the numbers out.
Congratulations must feel great to win your first gold.
Yup, feels good Baimoo. of course the $50 doesn't hurt either

Funny Vladimir Putin as Bing Crosby

Vladimir Putin as Bing Crosby
Member reactions:
Man, next thing we know he'll start composing songs and make paintings.

Funny Bong Instead of Bing

Bong Instead of Bing
In a perfect world.

Funny Bing Crosby Money

Bing Crosby Money

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