Bilderberg Note Money
Bilderberg Note Money
Bilderberg Note Money. This is American $100 and $100 Euro with Henry Kissingers portrait. For those of you who don't know what the Bilderberg Group is click here Also look at the list of attendees. Paul Volcker former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, William J McDonough former President of the Federal Reserve,George Stephanopoulos former staff member of the Clinton administration, now ABC News's Chief Washington Correspondent. And it goes on and on. These are the people who run the world. The Federal Reserve Bank is no more Federal than Federal Express. The people who run the world are the same people who own the banking system and the media. This Global Currency thing is just the beginning. Within two years United States, Mexico and Canada will be unified into one country. The same will happen simultaneously in Europe. And the two new nations will come together to destroy the militant governments in Africa and preserve the resources. Mark my words.
Member reactions:
You did well with Henry K. - looks like maybe you used a fingerprint to get some etching effect - pretty good idea. I had to look close to figure it out. But, Saints preserve us., John Forbes Kerry - Treasurer of the World . . . we is in major big doo-doo.
Excellent blend and nice writeup. I would run Kissinger's photo via a filter to resemble a currency style

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