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Funny Bikes Pictures

Man Stealing Little Girl`s BikeFunny Man Stealing Little Girl`s Bike
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Barack Obama on a Bike in DesolationFunny Barack Obama on a Bike in Desolation
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That crazy smile still makes me laugh. Nice.

Bike Balancing ActFunny Bike Balancing Act
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Bike Ride For CharityFunny Bike Ride For Charity
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Riding for charity are L-R: Funkwood, Disasterman and salis.
Hahahaha . I love the camel . It's great .
. That's freaking hilarious. Whats the heck is that on my head. I do have a bit of a sweet tooth.
....were got to get Salis a Canadian passport now
Thanks, BOULPIX. Thanks, geriatric. Mr. Funkwood, that's an ice cream cone shower cap you're wearing. Just thought it suited you better than a riding cap. Thanks, Disasterman.
, Awesome.. old hidden strikes again D-man: I'll give you the golden camel necklace for that
Very funny work Doc, but those three should be detained indefinitely.
i keep reading dmans pants incorrectly i keep thinking it says canadian bacon,,:O very funny pcrdds.
Thanks, dd...I agree. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, pree...HA.
Was there a ride...did I miss it. Great job.
Thanks, oldman. Yeah, you missed it. Just send me a hi-res pic of yourself and I'll be sure to include you in the next ride.
Funny stuff pcrdds . . . Nice work . . . love the hats especially is that peppermint stick on funkwood
Thanks, qtrmoonshop. It's a shower cap on Funky. Not sure of the flavor....

Fantasy Bike Riding with LaddersFunny Fantasy Bike Riding with Ladders
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what a beauty image.You did wonders with the source.
Welcome to the Surrealosphere.Very fantastical...
fantasy land, cute multiple connections. good work
Congratulations...again & again & again &...
great bronze funky, congrattttts ps: for me this was the best
Reminds me of Magritte. Great stuff. Well deserved bronze.

Girl Riding a Pink Motorcross BikeFunny Girl Riding a Pink Motorcross Bike
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Source Image

Girl Riding Her Bike with Fairies and FirefliesFunny Girl Riding Her Bike with Fairies and Fireflies
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source pictures
i wonder why my source pictures are connected to my "please critique my entry " writing.
Nice Chop Fixed the source just missed putting in a bracket...
Congrats on the woody Pree. Great use of sources...I'm gald you included them, not many choppers have been doing that lately. Maybe I should start posting them too.
i think posting it helps ppl relise whats done.. like creating a background etc... i used to look at the sources and think,,""ohhhhh thats how his mind works ""
wooooooow a a beautiful wood ... deserved much more .... but there were too many beautiful works in this contest .... cooooongrats
Very beautiful work Pree, congrats on the wood.
Clean creative and lovely. There's a girly touch to it, and it only makes it better. Congrats on the wood, pree.

Girl Riding Bike Over Grand CanyonFunny Girl Riding Bike Over Grand Canyon
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Yeah... I can do this..
Yeah...thanks, that is the only problem with this type of chops, you actually have to draw them on there...

Barack Obama and Sarkozy Bike RaceFunny Barack Obama and Sarkozy Bike Race
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Maybe it's just me, but I don't see anything of the source picture...
Thanks all Mundo here is the source:

Lance Armstrong Riding a Bike on the SeaFunny Lance Armstrong Riding a Bike on the Sea
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Thanks best4best, Thanks diamonds, Thanks pcrdds thanks Disasterman111....
Instead of Lance 'jumping the shark', the shark is jumping him. Very dramatic.
thanks redrabbit.
It's Awesome if you just mirror the head it's would be fit the lighting and shadows source
thanks Rajeshstar, thanks balodiya, thanks DesignerKratos for the tips.. I just fix it. Hope it look much better. thanks Ivan.
( Ivan,pcrdds,NewsMaster& geriatric )thanks a lot guys...
Great chop. All elements put together perfectly. Love it.

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