Big Head in the Clouds
Big Head in the Clouds
Big Head in the Clouds. Member reactions:
Cool idea Hidden, the head is Yuge but works well.
Tigers Head and his Wallet are oversized now. Great Work, LunaC. Top 5 Congrats.

Funny Tax on big apple

Tax on big apple
Member reactions:
, this is a good one, poor girl, glad it's not winter, Congrats on your win.
Another Great One and silver congrats as well, Eduen.
Thak you hobbit90 and ReggieRey, tax doesn´t respect anybody.
Grats one the twofer lots of cool ideas here
Thank you SplatShot

Funny Big Nick

Big Nick
Be on the lookout...
Member reactions:
Great concept and execution outside the box imagination congrats
Congrads on the Bronze Cup, very funny and good work.

Funny Cosby Big House Christmas

Cosby Big House Christmas
It'll be JELLO for dessert with Christmas dinner this year.
Member reactions:
Hands should match face color, good one tho.
Pro work, was my Favorite in contest, but I didn't vote and the last I did cost me 4th, ended 6th like you, but Congrads on very fine work.
Yeah, this was a top pick I thought yet sometimes voting goes all fickle. It is a great idea to chop cosby, wish I thought of it. Happy Holidays, LC.
Top notch realistic and outstanding as always, nicely done LC ...
I appreciate the comments. Of course I am biased, but I was hoping for a better finish than 6th out of 9. Oh well. Merry Christmas to all.

Funny Big Cow!

Big Cow!
Big Cow Saved From Slaughter Because He’s Just Too Big
Member reactions:
I got dibs on the Tee Bones.
Congrads on the Gold cup. and that's a lot of bull, well done.
Great story,great art. Congrats on Gold Mano.

Funny Bruce Big forehead Willis

Bruce Big forehead Willis
Image source

Funny big headrock

big headrock

Funny Big Liar

Big Liar
Member reactions:
You did a good job at preserving Putin's pores.
Big nose for a big liar. Great work Denlig, congrats on the Wood.
Congrats on the win, he could suck Russia up that snout.

Funny The Big Change.

The Big Change.
Member reactions:
Awesome job on Scott Kelly's mutation. '57 a nice touch
Thank you very much, ReggieRey, even Alien's would have to love these cars.
Congrads best of the bunch, was #1 in my book

Funny the big king

the big king

Funny Big Head, Small Face

Big Head, Small Face
This contest is about shrinking celebrity/politician faces on their heads, a classic, first suggested by veteran chopper GarRobMil. Take any celebrity/politician and shrink his/her face (while keeping the head size intact or making the head even bigger). PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. And don't forget to put celebrity/politician names in your entry titles. Themepost image credit: Evirio. Here's a good example

Funny Big Ben Silenced

Big Ben Silenced
British MPs were not told Big Ben would be silenced for four years when they approved a £29 million (NZ$51 million) renovation scheme. The chairmen of two parliamentary committees have complained that officials failed to disclose that the bell could not be rung to protect the hearing of builders on site. Parliamentary authorities have announced that Big Ben will chime for the last time at noon on Monday (11pm NZT) until the completion of the work on Elizabeth Tower in 2021. The decision has led to demands for the bell to ring when builders are off-site - such as in the evenings, early mornings and at weekends. Create any image honoring the famous Big Ben. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny A Big Bat

A Big Bat
After President Trump was photographed holding a baseball bat, Kelly Grovier looks at the history of patriotic props.“Baseball,” the American cultural critic George Will once wrote, “it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona.” If anyone doubts how deeply the pastime has dug itself into the US psyche in the century and a half since the first openly all-professional team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, formed in 1869, one needs merely consider a series of images captured this week in the Blue Room of the White House. Add baseball bats to any politician or celebrities. NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Small Eyes, Big Mouth

Small Eyes, Big Mouth
Asian beauty standards are depicted in manga - huge eyes and tiny mouth. Today we will see how Asian beauty anti-standards look like. Photoshop celebrities and politicians with small eyes and big mouths. Many thanks to Denlig for the themepost.

Funny Big Head, Small Face

Big Head, Small Face
A while ago, our veteran chopper GarRobMil suggested shrinking celebrity faces on their heads. We suppose this is yet another way to lose a face :) Take any celebrity and shrink his/her face (while keeping the head size intact or making the head even bigger). Here's a good example. Please don't forget to put celebrity names in your entry titles. Themepost image credit: pcrdds

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