Funny Shock Therapy For Beyonce

Shock Therapy For Beyonce
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Making the wrong statement at the wrong time...way to go Bouncy.
What's her name...superbowl nutcase. Good job

Funny Beyonce as a Male Basketballer

Beyonce as a Male Basketballer
The makers of Gatorade recently offered famed singer Beyoncé a whopping 2-million dollars to grow a beard, work out regularly, and undergo hormone replacement therapy. Husband Jay Z subsequently negotiated a contract with the New York Knicks where in 2015 Beyoncé will play point guard and do halftime shows.

Funny Beyonce with an Upside Down Face

Beyonce with an Upside Down Face
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Very clean, nice split between front and back -- congratulations.

Funny JayZ and Beyonce Swap Roles

JayZ and Beyonce Swap Roles
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Funny Beyonce Without a Nose

Beyonce Without a Nose
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Funny Barack Obama Loves Beyonce

Barack Obama Loves Beyonce
this week something happened with obama and beyonce, I leave with doubt everyone
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Wao... so romantic... like the heart symbol done using the sparkles well done
Quality work. Love surprised the look on Michelle's face.
Excellent way to put contest rules and reality togather
I think it may be a matter of time. Nice job Elegary

Funny Anorexic Beyonce

Anorexic Beyonce
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Great turn of the source pic into Anorexic model

Funny Freaky Beyonce

Freaky Beyonce
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Beautiful Beyonce turned into an ugly old and scary Beyonce.... good work on the wrinkles and the eye well done in showing her as an Old Woman
Quality work, but freaks me out just looking at her. Way freaky.

Funny Beyonce Combined with Rihanna

Beyonce Combined with Rihanna

Funny Beyonce - Jay-Z Baby

Beyonce - Jay-Z Baby
New York was abuzz Tuesday over the birth of baby girl Blue Ivy to one of the Big Apple's most glamorous couples, rapper Jay-Z and R&B singer Beyonce. Curious onlookers and TV satellite vans staked out Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan's posh Upper East Side, waiting for a glimpse of Blue Ivy Carter, born Saturday, and her proud parents. However the super secret star couple slipped past waiting paparazzi with a motorcade of black SUVs at 1:30 am. Several magazines including "People" are making multi-million dollar offers to the couple to win the exclusive rights of the first publication of Blue Ivy's photo. Ticked with all the buzz and media attention about how Blue Ivy looks like, 50 cent tweeted yesterday "Yal play to much congratulations to JAYZ and Beyonce BABY #BlueIvyCarter IS GEORGOUS" and attached two mockup pictures of a baby with Jay-Z's face superimposed on it. It's a good thing 50 cent has some Photoshop skills! While the world is expecting to see the first pictures of Blue Ivy Carter, we can only speculate how the baby will look. Let's show the world what Beyonce-Jay-Z Baby baby may (or may not) look like. Many thanks to Preemiememe for the contest concept

Funny Beyonce

American singer Beyonce Giselle Knowles turned big 3-0 past Sunday. She celebrated it in Italy with her husband Jay-Z. Beyonce first became known as a member of Denstiny's Child, and rose to real stardom when she launched her solo career in 2003 and had a runaway success with stand out track Crazy in Love. She started dating Jay-Z in 2002 when they worked on the album. The superstar couple married in 2008 after a low-key romance. Last week they announced that they are expecting their first baby. A celebratory wax figure of Beyonce has been placed in Madame Tussauds in Washington D.C. to commemorate her 30th birthday. To Mark the 30th birthday of Beyonce, photoshop her any way you wish.

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