Betty White Crossing
Betty White Crossing
Betty White Crossing. Betty White rules.Rest In Peace Bea Arthur,and all the Golden Girls who have passed on to Heaven

Funny Betty's Back

Betty's Back
Boop Oopy Doop. The real Betty is in the house. Created from scratch--piece by piece. Please view full's a biggun.
Member reactions:
Great looking image, excellent work my only critique would be, that the insides of the eyes are somewhat blurry compared to the rest of the chop and it might be helpful if you included a link to the source images you used to emphasize the fact that you " created it from scratch--piece by piece" ... excellent work nonetheless.
Here are some of my sources. Sources As for the eyes, they are blurry because I wanted them to have a liquid look to them. Her eyes are her primary feature. I did it to make them stand out from the rest of the image.
I just looked at the sources,this Betty is brilliant.I love how you created her,and I love the eyes.Jeepers Creepers,Where Did She Get Those Peepers.Magnificent work hidden
Very impressive Thanks for source images.
Excellent. Really great job on the eyes.
Great . She never had such a ... y body.
Love it, Hidden. This is probably my favorite chop from all the Betty Boop artwork I've seen.
Gold congrats ,Luna.Your Betty is beautiful
Outstanding Betty Boop chop, congrats on the Gold..
Big congrats. I knew I recognized the style. A real beaut.
Quite excellently composed ...Golden Congrats LunaC I knew it was you-Boop Oopy Doop.
Congrats on the gold LunaC Absolutely AWESOME.
Thanks to all for the comments and votes.

Funny Claudia and Betty

Claudia and Betty
This picture was fun to do because the models are from different eras and I liked the contrast. mixed media

Funny Betty and Friend

Betty and Friend
Member reactions:
the cat

Funny Audrey Hepburn as Nurse Betty

Audrey Hepburn as Nurse Betty

Funny Betty White Without a Nose

Betty White Without a Nose
Member reactions:
Hahaha, the kitty was a brilliant addition.
If I will compare to both so cat is looking sweet and she looks like danger alien
Bravo Hobbit... Super job, well earned gold. It was great you kept the skin texture so pure
Congrats on the gold, hobbit. The first out of 100 entries - walk with pride.
congratss Hobbit ... Good job and awesome win.

Funny Baby Face Betty Mutant Human

Baby Face Betty Mutant Human
Member reactions:
This is one geeky chick, hidden. She still plays toys, but I don't trust her Good job.
Nice Hair Style,Her face is looking naughty...
Awesome job... lot of hard work seen here... with lovely colorful pipes and a view of the moon and stars from the sky is really amazing good colorful treat work
Freaking brilliant job....Perfect blending and colours. Head is in some way disturbing but matches very well.
Nicely done. though, it's a bit strange to me that the steampunk pieces and the porthole window are a higher resolution than the rest of the background and even the central figure.
Oh well I have seen worse, you should have seen the sources before I started. We do the best we can with the sources available and time allotted. I generally nit-pick them more. Anyway I call this genre Pixarpunk not Steampunk In the end it's not a Rembrandt, it is just a fun little chop. Thanks Luciano, balodiya, rajesh, eric, Rickytrek and Newsey.
Again, very imaginative ... love the face
Congrats on the Bronze, H. S. Always look forward to seeing your chops.
Thank you QMS, Pat, Sir Robert, JS, GarRobmil, Doc, Newsey

Funny Betty White's Chicken Dog Laying an Egg

Betty White's Chicken Dog Laying an Egg
Betty White has been a supporter of the Morris Animal Foundation for years. She loves all animals, even mixed up ones. Sources
Member reactions:
Betty White is such an animal lover, this one almost looks like it really could happen. Great composition. Very funny.
Like the droplets from its tongue thinking to eat its own eggs

Funny Betty White Without a Neck

Betty White Without a Neck

Funny Betty White on Dancing with the Stars

Betty White on Dancing with the Stars
Can you imagine spry 92 year old Betty White struttin' her stuff on Dancin' With The Stars.
Member reactions:
Age is the not the factor.... if you have a strong heart to dance... you can good one

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