Claudia and Betty
Claudia and Betty
Claudia and Betty. This picture was fun to do because the models are from different eras and I liked the contrast. mixed media

Funny Betty and Friend

Betty and Friend
Member reactions:
the cat

Funny Nurse Betty

Nurse Betty

Funny Betty And Kitty

Betty And Kitty
Member reactions:
Hahaha, the kitty was a brilliant addition.
If I will compare to both so cat is looking sweet and she looks like danger alien
Bravo Hobbit... Super job, well earned gold. It was great you kept the skin texture so pure
Congrats on the gold, hobbit. The first out of 100 entries - walk with pride.
congratss Hobbit ... Good job and awesome win.

Funny Baby Face Betty

Baby Face Betty
Member reactions:
This is one geeky chick, hidden. She still plays toys, but I don't trust her Good job.
Nice Hair Style,Her face is looking naughty...
Awesome job... lot of hard work seen here... with lovely colorful pipes and a view of the moon and stars from the sky is really amazing good colorful treat work
Freaking brilliant job....Perfect blending and colours. Head is in some way disturbing but matches very well.
Nicely done. though, it's a bit strange to me that the steampunk pieces and the porthole window are a higher resolution than the rest of the background and even the central figure.
Oh well I have seen worse, you should have seen the sources before I started. We do the best we can with the sources available and time allotted. I generally nit-pick them more. Anyway I call this genre Pixarpunk not Steampunk In the end it's not a Rembrandt, it is just a fun little chop. Thanks Luciano, balodiya, rajesh, eric, Rickytrek and Newsey.
Again, very imaginative ... love the face
Congrats on the Bronze, H. S. Always look forward to seeing your chops.
Thank you QMS, Pat, Sir Robert, JS, GarRobmil, Doc, Newsey

Funny Betty White

Betty White

Funny Betty White on Dancing with the Stars

Betty White on Dancing with the Stars
Can you imagine spry 92 year old Betty White struttin' her stuff on Dancin' With The Stars.
Member reactions:
Age is the not the factor.... if you have a strong heart to dance... you can good one

Funny Betty White in the Army

Betty White in the Army
An Old Veteran of many wars. The Golden Girl Betty White
Member reactions:
Looks real. Congrats on the wood, Mundo.

Funny Betty White big head

Betty White big head
Member reactions:
This is as pure as milk good clean chop like this

Funny Betty White the Senile School Gal with a Gun

Betty White the Senile School Gal with a Gun
Finally, a New Brand of Female Action Star No, not you Betty, we're talking about "Gina Carano" . Betty White turns 90: What are her secrets to longevity. Full View PLEASE
Member reactions:
I'm trying to think out of the box but i keep wondering why you put Betty White in this piece ,when the whole article was about Gina Carano . Great work on the caricature i must say .....
I totally agree with Chili about Betty White...and great work, too.
heres a link,,,0,7295281.story.track=rss
Thanks everyone, and a special TY to pree for the link I hope you like it better.
..... , it still baffles me . I must me to old for this . All Pree posted was a site of Betty White with a photo of her. Please explain someone or i am going to go nuts here ....
No need to go nuts Chili, it's only Photoshop . Originally, I thought it might be funny to have the image of Betty as the "new action star", instead of Gina Carano, not taking the article so literally ... Now it's just a statement on the fact that she stays so young at 90. I will ask Newsy to look at it, and decide whether it should be moved to the Freak Show...
Cool ... This explains alot now . You should of written that when you submitted this entry . I understand now . Thx Hidden ...
Good job with the caricature, and very funny with multiple smoke effects on both cigar and gun... Both were dangerous to health ha ha ha ha ha
I forgot to mention , Betty has some nice legs for an old gal , ... Again i say awesome chop all the way Hidden ...
Congrats Qtr. Great lights and shadows and Betty looks awesome
Great work qt. didn't look like yours. A lot of that lately.
Congrads, always late to the party and all the good comments are taken again, so lets me say Fan-tastic, or I'm a Fan. Great stuff,
Just waking up in Holland & saw you won , Congrats on the gold Qtr
I just got back to home base myself, Chili and a belated MANY THANKS to you and everyone for your votes and great comments. ... I hope I didn't stretch the rules too much, and if I did, and I offended anyone, I apologize Best Regards - QTRMOONSHOP

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