Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders .

Funny Crazy Bernie Sets Fire To Self

Crazy Bernie Sets Fire To Self
Crazy Bernie Sets Fire To Self On White House Lawn
Member reactions:
Lol this is wild and the story as well. Serious TDS to set self on fire.
And sadly the poor dumb ass died the next day.

Funny Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders
Wall St. scared shirtless
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Bronze, Ho. 3 jackasses are a guaranteed winner.
Excellent lampooning. Congrats on the Bronze, HO. Lol "scared shirtless"

Funny Drunk and Dirty Bernie Santa CARD

Drunk and Dirty Bernie Santa CARD
Member reactions:
Congrats on your win, I can see Bernie doing this, Good One.
Congrads on the Silver, punch drunk just like me. Merry Christmas
Thanks and Merry happy Holidays to all my friends at FN.
Merry Christmas Tim, pray you have a beautiful one.
A great pick for Santa with his free college and what not. Hilarious, feelin the Rumple Minze Bern... Awesome Silver Congrats Hits.
Super Xmas Card. Congrats on the Silver, Hits.

Funny Bernie Sanders Bad Santa

Bernie Sanders Bad Santa
Member reactions:
HaHaHa yeah I can see this happening Great one HH

Funny Bernie Sanders & Warren Buffett

Bernie Sanders & Warren Buffett
Member reactions:
Really do look like bros, excellent chop.

Funny Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump

Funny Jane Bernie Sanders

Jane Bernie Sanders
Member reactions:
Thank you so much ReggieRey, sense you came on as Admin, it feels like Old Times, glad FreakMaster has you here.
Your welcome Hobbit and thank you for your kind words. And speaking of old times, a Freak Show should be next up and hope to have on a regular basis.
I was sure this was the winner. Great work.
Thanks ReggieRey, that's a lot of members favorite, I would be lost without this site, it really is TOPS.

Funny Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Funny Bernie Sanders Bills

Bernie Sanders Bills

Funny Bernie Sanders Rushing

Bernie Sanders Rushing
US Senator Bernie Sanders is causing a lot of buzz in the media as a presidential candidate. Can he beat Hillary and win the Democratic ticket? Photoshop this photo of Bernie Sanders rushing any way you wish.

Funny Bernie Mac Tribute

Bernie Mac Tribute
American comedian and actor Bernie Mac has died this Saturday after the complications from pneumonia. The "Original King of Comedy" left this life too early, and "the world just got a little less funny" said George Clooney, who co-starred with Bernie Mac in the remake of Ocean's Eleven and its sequels. We will miss you, Bernie. To pay a tribute to a great comedian, Bernie Mac, photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are: show what Bernie Mac will do in heaven (or hell), what movies he could have played in, what alternative careers he could have chosen, immortalize him in paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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