Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch . Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch an English Actor.
Member reactions:
Awesome flipped painting with style. Quality work, Splats. That creepy crawler a great touch.
Thank you kindly, Reggie. Lucky I had that creepy crawler just lying around. I'm up and running now but have been without internet service for 3 days. Been posting and uploading edits thru my phone.
I thought this was a Winner, looks great.
Thanks, Fugit. I believe Benedict's expression may change here in just another second or two. (:

Funny Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Funny Benedict Cumberbatch as a Woman Applying Makeup

Benedict Cumberbatch as a Woman Applying Makeup

Funny Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet

Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet
Cumberbatch Hamlet

Funny Benedict John McCain

Benedict John McCain
Member reactions:
Amazing texture like currency and the contrast is very well managed
Thanks. Not as easy as it would seem. ; )
Magnificent blending - especially that it certainly was non-trivial

Funny Pope Francis Tells Pope Benedict to Get Off His Property

Pope Francis Tells Pope Benedict to Get Off His Property
La prima giornata di papa Francesco
Member reactions:
He lives like Obama wants all of us to live, in piety, religious and reverent to the GOV. give ur taxes to the Gov. and the Poor, neither one works. Great Job MY friend
URL takes u 2 italian news page, nice pictures. Engwish:GO OUT OF MY PROPERTIES or Get off my property, brandished to the back.
Great work and a story, we only hope things change for the better, but I'm a pessimist, we have a religion problem in this World. Always look forward to ur chops and wish you the best in the future.
Master of Caricature, great as always sostantivo caricatura femminile, I guess.
This is Awesome, so attractive gesture for the concept and the Gun is the Spice on it
My Critique on this, first, second,= big picture u small, but what do I know.
Jeeze I thought I was the only one to use my slots as chatrooms. Heheheh Great job, Ricky. Always a pro job
The screwed up mouth on Francis is awesome. Nice color palette too.

Funny Old Pope Benedict

Old Pope Benedict
Benedict seeks quiet retirement
Member reactions:
Pic of the day Excellent job done: Nice Texture too
An excellent finish.... great texture on the face with clear visible of wrinkles well done on the background too which makes the image so glowy What a wicked smile given to him.... looks like the retirement is one of the plan to take rest
Congratulations but, a bit disrespectful considering you are Italian.
Wonderful caricature and very news-topical. Congrats on the silver, Pix.

Funny Pope Benedict on a Motorbike After Retirement

Pope Benedict on a Motorbike After Retirement
See you later God bye Pope Benedict XVI. Hello Pope Benedict XVII.
Member reactions:
See you later
Pope.... Not too week to ride a bike a new holiday awaits for him well done good job done

Funny Pope Benedict with a Vulture After Retirement

Pope Benedict with a Vulture After Retirement
Member reactions:
Excellent. I'd bring the Vulture's feet down somewhat or remove some of the shadow. He looks like he's floating above the bench. Otherwise, just wonderfully done.
Phenomenon. Masters job done Best of Luck
Awesome job Looks great with this caricatured face and his comparison with Vulture is great The Cross with roots and twigs gives a deserted cross look and excellent overall look of him with a big hat makes this image so fantastic All the best for your trophy
Yep, he is an old buzzard. Excellent work.
You only love the boys. Awesome chop Ricky
Congratulations. Why include a link that doesn't work. You should know better.
Brilliant job, Ricky. and great to see you in this weekly contest, not just in a Freak Show. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Pope Benedict in Casual Wear

Pope Benedict in Casual Wear

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