Benedict McCain
Benedict McCain
Benedict McCain. . Member reactions:
Amazing texture like currency and the contrast is very well managed
Thanks. Not as easy as it would seem. ; )
Magnificent blending - especially that it certainly was non-trivial


Excellent. I'd bring the Vulture's feet down somewhat or remove some of the shadow. He looks like he's floating above the bench. Otherwise, just wonderfully done.
. Lavoro eccellente bro. è un buon segno, vedere le sue dimissioni, a l'apice delle elezioni elettorali. qualcosa di molto anomalo ma credo sia un bene un mio consiglio, se sempre può importare... rinforzare la provenienza della illuminazione. per determinare la direzione di tutte le ombre. ma come ha detto Il signor Paolo , è un lavoro meraviglioso. sei un Great Master.
grazzzzzie fratellino siccome stò usando un notebook con retroilluminazione led non riesco a capire bene le ombre, è lo schermo è troppo chiaro, però quando voi lo vedete sullo schermo lcd normale vedete le ombre troppo scure.... presto comprerò uno schermo lcd così non sbaglierò più le ombre ragazzi... hehehehehe
thaaaaank you paul my friend since i'm using a notebook with led backlight i can not understand the shadows, the screen is too is clear, however when you see the screen lcd normal see too dark shadows .... soon buy one lcd screen more then not be wrong shadows boys ... hehehehehe
Phenomenon. Masters job done Best of Luck
Awesome job Looks great with this caricatured face and his comparison with Vulture is great The Cross with roots and twigs gives a deserted cross look and excellent overall look of him with a big hat makes this image so fantastic All the best for your trophy
hi disaster my friend, thank for the compliments i am happy you like my work
balodyia you are toooooooooooo good whit me and the my skills... thank you from my heart my friend
mikella thank you very much a new friend... i hope
rajeshstar my old friend thaaaaank you from my heart.... i'm really happy that you always look at my work in all its details, i'm happy because it means that my work you really like. i am happy when i see that you like my work, thank you from the depth of my heart my friend.
ericnorthend you are the my "favourite" thhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaank you friend
Yep, he is an old buzzard. Excellent work.
doc paul a greaaaat thank for you my friend
a greaaaaaaaaaat thank you at all you voted for my work guys: twister tnjb1970 splatshot spitfire46 sandpointer roonma robinbobin rajeshstar possumpie otzie nonno newsmaster nanny mikella maroon5 macwithfries lunac lucido5 lucianomorelli kellie jannar icecream hohouse hitspinner grumpyotj groundzero garrobmil ericnorthend dexter cicsaix blackhole balodiya aintme and even for those not voted ... but no matter ... i'm happy though, i usually participate only to the "freak show", i participate very rarely the other contest, because they do not know well the american news, but this was an italian news ... and i wanted to try to get involved too, i was afraid you were not happy with me to participate too, but i was wrong ... you made me see that it was just my thought completely wrong .... and i'm really happy to have the "wrong". i love you guys all really ........ even those who did not vote, and even those who do not like my work. thank you all guys ... i love you all boys.
You only love the boys. Awesome chop Ricky
Congratulations. Why include a link that doesn't work. You should know better.
Congratulazioni Riccardino. Noto che poi hai lavorato sulle ombre, ben fissando in soggetti, molto bene molto bello...... anche io mi chiedo..... i'm sure she was an angelcause i've seen one beforeshe said let me play you a song that i know
macwhitfries hehehehehehe i love the boys, the girls, i love all the world... gays, eteros... and the "aliens" hihihihihihi i love also "macwhitfries" smack...
Brilliant job, Ricky.and great to see you in this weekly contest, not just in a Freak Show.Congrats on the gold.
newsy thaaank you for the beautiful comment

Funny Pope Benedict in Casual Wear

Pope Benedict in Casual Wear

Funny Pope Benedict with Nose Eyes

Pope Benedict with Nose Eyes

Funny Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI
the vatican have to think something new to protect the pope, and this what they created. they call it POPE BENEDICT X06 source here. Member reactions:
"yes the ice cream headache is allot worse now"
Bring new depth to the concept of excommunication.
"Come with me, if you want to live.I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle."
nice job, really out of the box thinking.

Funny Pope Benedict X-Men

Pope Benedict X-Men
Just for fun.

Funny Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI
The Pope's new fake arm fools them all as he reaches for his submachine gun.. Member reactions:
Great outside the box thinking on this Pope Benedict XVI entry. Very Very good work here.
Nobody will notice that arm...... too busy looking at those RED shoes.
this is so wrong on so many it..
great idea, it is so clever and well done

Funny Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict getting extra security measures...( might consider viewing full)

Funny Pope Benedict Beer

Pope Benedict Beer
Story LinkSacrelicious. It's in black and white because the source was.. Member reactions:
Quality photoshopping, but why black & white only.

Funny Benedictio Benedict at Royal Wedding

Benedictio Benedict at Royal Wedding

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