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Funny Belt Pictures

Putin Earns 9th Degree Taekwondo BeltFunny Putin Earns 9th Degree Taekwondo Belt
Member reactions:
Vlad Putin earns his 9th degree black belt in Taekwondo
Good fighting but Who will win. That is good practice for self protection.
Borscht vs carrot juice... who's gonna win.
Borscht, I'm sure. His "Borscht Breath" would easily knock out any opponent instantly.
Ahhh wasn't all for naught. Youz got a cup... Pretty humorous stuff but I got to admit the one below had me snortin
congratulations... Pcrdds ,,, I always love your funny witty creations

Seat belts save lives...Buckle Up!Funny Seat belts save lives...Buckle Up!
Member reactions:

Nice message given here good chop on this pic as well... Like the concept of people running to help him good job done
Great concept end execution, Congrats on the silver.
Very freaking clever, nepa. Congrats on the silver.

Planet of the BeltsFunny Planet of the Belts
Member reactions:
Belts belts everywhere and still this bum has to pull up his pants. thanks to aquila designs for the belts. visit their website.
the website for the belts is actually i'm sure that's what you meant.
Good thought to put him in the galaxy of belts where they revolve around to him to make his pants tighter very funny....
Very Interesting Concept selection Planet of the belt.
Congrats on the wood (that just doesn't sound right - ha).

Television BeltFunny Television Belt
Member reactions:

Portable TummyTV
cool. i wonder if this need an antenna.

Chastity BeltFunny Chastity Belt
Member reactions:

Let's face it, no ordinary pair of handcuffs is enough to protect us from Paris. View Fullage.

Member reactions:

Randy Savage BeltFunny Randy Savage Belt
Member reactions:

just wanted to pay tribute and show my talent to others.... big wrestling fan
Thanks to those that voted keep that support Coming I would appreciate very Much thank you
Thanks everyone that's voting Really appreciate it much love keep Those votes coming thank you
Next time submit a larger image for FULL view.

Coconut Asteroid BeltFunny Coconut Asteroid Belt
Member reactions:

Woodpecker belt holerFunny Woodpecker belt holer
Member reactions:

Took me a minute to figure this out. Maybe if you added some holes to the belt.
I ALWAYS wondered how those holes got in belts..

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