Eva Longoria With Counterfeit Money At Taco Bell
Eva Longoria With Counterfeit Money At Taco Bell
Eva Longoria With Counterfeit Money At Taco Bell. Worker forced to hand out counterfeit money Enjoy reading the menu behind her.
Member reactions:
Hahah, you used Eva Longoria for the cashier. Me likes the doggie in a Taco Bell bag and Obama counterfeit 20 dollar notes.
Thanks, Elegary, its420, Gummy and G-Man.

Funny Stone Drops & Bull Rings Bell Earthquake Detector

Stone Drops & Bull Rings Bell Earthquake Detector
It was a brave man who tied the rope. RIP.
Member reactions:
Please replace poor animal by one of the politician from Crimea.
Lovely, remember to change the bull after every earthquake, otherwise doesn't work.
very good .... the bull will ring the bell when there is some activity
Thanks, everyone. Now, can someone come up with a pithy joke using Balance - Bull - Balls and Bell. ...

Funny Bell Bottom Blues by Eric Clapton

Bell Bottom Blues by Eric Clapton
http://youtu.be/l4hv_8TXFWg An Eric Clapton Classic
Member reactions:
Sweet I made the link clickable for you too.

Funny Frogs In A Bell Jar

Frogs In A Bell Jar
Member reactions:
height of creativity, very impressive chop
I agree, thinking outside of the box here - good job.

Funny Alexander Graham Bell & Martin Cooper in a Phone Booth

Alexander Graham Bell & Martin Cooper in a Phone Booth
Member reactions:
The only thing is working here is the Telephone Booth
Landline is the only system which work when there is a war like situation, becoz mobile networks would be zammed

Funny Liberty Bell Round Stamps

Liberty Bell Round Stamps
Member reactions:
I have some 'around forever stamps' tacked to my fridge, only they say 42 cents. This must have taken you forever to put it together. Working with circles, argh. Great job.

Funny Liberty Bell Hat

Liberty Bell Hat
Member reactions:
who is the person what is the significance of the hat to the person
One would need a thick neck and some broad shoulders to strut around wearing that hat.... Nice job....

Funny Two Faced Bell Hannigan

Two Faced Bell Hannigan

Funny Alexander Graham Bell Laboratories

Alexander Graham Bell Laboratories
Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone
Member reactions:
So cool. top marks, got my vote thats for sure. Wasnt Bell a Scot. i might be wrong.
Thanks.Yes he was a Scot but moved to Canada at age 23, and actually invented and developed the phone in the U.S. in 1876.
FaBulous stuff. My wife says I'm an idiot I love your distinctive style.
Put me on the idiot list too love the entry, and thanks for some Graham Bell trivia.
I missed this one but, your images never disappoint. Congratulations.
Mr. Bell and Mr. Funkwood get silver medal of honor for honoring Canada. Congrats.
Thanks all. He's one of the Canadians I admire the most... along with Nickleback, heheh. (ps. I don't think he ever became a Canadian citizen, but I still like to think he was a Canadian at heart...)
You got the silver medal but no snow Aye, Congrads Funkster
No snow is right. Haven't seen a mild winter like this in decades.. It's like late March here in February. Ty
Thought for sure this would win. love all the cool details, an awsome chop and a great tribute to Mr. Bell. Congrats Funkwood.. By the way- Antonio Meucci an Italian researcher in telecommunications was also recognized for his pioneering work on the telephone by the United States House of Representatives in House Resolution 269, dated June 11, 2002. The resolution stated that "if Meucci had been able to pay the $10 fee to maintain the caveat after 1874, no patent could have been issued to Bell." However, the resolution was a symbolic, non-binding statement without legal effect, and was promptly followed by a legislative motion mooting it, passed unanimously by Canada's 37th Parliament, which declared that Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the telephone.
Cool trivia,it's amazing how some inventions spring up simultaneously but independantly of each other. Reminds me of Tesla and Marconi with their simultaneous inventions of the radio and wireless communications.

Funny Carol of the Bells

Carol of the Bells
Inspired by the song Carol of the Bells

Funny E.coli outbreak in Taco Bell

E.coli outbreak in Taco Bell
[ An outbreak of E-coli bacteria has sickened more than a dozen people on Long Island, including several who ate at Taco Bell. Officials have asked eight Taco Bell restaurants be closed. ] The above news might as well be worded as "12 people got sick of a Mexican phone company, and officials asked to close it down". When asked whether an outbreak in Long Island is related to an outbreak in New Jersey, health authorities said that this case of E.coli looks familiar and that it definitely rings a bell. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to a recent outbreak of E.coli in Taco Bell. E.g. how their advertising slogans and posters will change, or how it will affect their menu.

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