Beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Member reactions:
Congrats, Preemiememe. It was my favorite in the contest.

Funny Suffragette : the beginning

Suffragette : the beginning

Funny Gummy Bear's True Beginnings

Gummy Bear's True Beginnings
Member reactions:
Hey,, I resemble that remark....Just what ya tryin to say here buddy.
Tastes sweet i suppose Gummy.
I know I don't like that meat grinder part at all. A Gummy could get smushed in there.
I must be thick. I did not get this one's meaning but I sure like the chopping.

Funny Rebirth the Beginning of New Life

Rebirth the Beginning of New Life
*PLEASE VIEW IN FULL* Rebirth-the-beginning-of-a-new-Life-
Member reactions:
Its wonderful thought generated in this chop so lovely, giving a rebirth and the reflection on the water and the light in the leaves were amazing
Like SteaveGSQ says , its really Magical , wonderful work putting this together .....
Thanks, everyone I thought I would mix it up and do something more mystical/fantasy type. But this one just didn't cut it either,,,oh well. ... Thanks,again...

Funny The Beginning of the Mac Computer

The Beginning of the Mac Computer
Member reactions:
Its different and yeh.. nice and colorful beginning
Great Innovative designing capabilities displayed here using this Mac Computer Like this work
Thank you. Too bad that others do not appreciate it.

Funny Lady Gagas Meat Dress Beginnings

Lady Gagas Meat Dress Beginnings
i personally think Lady Gaga gets many of her ideas from todays graphic artists
Member reactions:
Fantastic work. I am not sure about the pins with blood on her face though. If I understand correctly the cut out pieces are attached to her photo (layers) not to the live Lady GaGa.
Meat & unbeatable combo. Really does look the the old days, could of been Bardot instead of Gaga. Flippy work as usual.
once I saw the meat, I knew it must be pree, I remembered ur ( meat House ) chop congrats on the win..
that's awesome work prem .. big congrats on the silver cup , keep going
thanks salis yes .. alot of protein went into that abode.
carl... thanks kratos im'a tryin...
Hahaha. Pree Congratulation. It's really funny. It's very creative and really at the old shool method. So I laughed when I saw that. The cow seems terrified ... Bravo.

Funny Harry Potter the Beginning of the End

Harry Potter the Beginning of the End
News Harry Potter grows up It's the end.
Member reactions:
Nice placement of the wand
wand in the pants...excellent work.
Well, it was fun while it lasted. The wand is hilarious. I just saw the article today with the photo from 2000 of the whole Harry Potter cast - such kids they were. Time flies.
Very cool chop, nice lighting fx, congrats.
Congrats Ibou, I second that on great lighting fx
This is so funny and well done. Great job
Thanks a lot everyone for your votes and com's.
waw Ibou.. this is realy lovely piece... congrats

Funny The Beginning of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Beginning of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
please view full and critique.

Funny In the Beginning

In the Beginning
....and then God created donuts. -View full please-

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