Steve Buscemi the Begger
Steve Buscemi the Begger
Steve Buscemi the Begger. Member reactions:
A Freaky Chicken soup and a freaky wife wants a taste of it.... A Zombie looking at him to have a taste of it wonderful job done
Brilliant idea Nice makeover and nice expression superb. The Chicken Idea is really amazing
the chicken.

Funny Barack Obama the Begger

Barack Obama the Begger
Date: Someday in 2012 News: According to our reports President Obama was found asking for help. He was saying that he was trying to bring change but he was the one forced to change. ***Just for fun...this image is not meant to hurt anyone's sentiments ***
Member reactions:
Well, this may be closer to truth than we think He looks natural in this role

Funny Barack Obama Begger Gave False Hope

Barack Obama Begger Gave False Hope
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Member reactions:
"Really Great Image Manip', but that Cut & Stick typography really lets it down, it's worth a revise in my humble opinion."
I don't get what u mean Wiz, everything looks like pretty perfect, the font work is typical demotivator style...
Wiz...What is "Cut & Stick" typography." Looks pretty freaking perfect to me.
"Hands up, any of you loyal supporters that's ever been a typographer, or even a lowly Advertising Art Director.". (by the way: My comments were made as a constructive critique that any Creative Director would give to some errant visualiser in his art department... Been There Done That.)
Wiz, are you refering me as being errant. And (you're) a "Creative Director"... Been there and done what.
Love the Ears. I could care less about print style but, personally, I like fingerpainting letters with my girlfriend's fingernail polish. The, only, drawback is that it sticks to my monitor. Whatever-Very High Marks.
Hahahaha. geriatric, I didn't know you had such a sence of humor.
I don't need to be a typographer nor a lowly advertiser to know when something is pleasing to my eyes & as it seems it's all to pleasing to others also. You say "constructive critique" where is it, can u suggest a better font/layout, that is what I consider constructive, also it is the the typical de-motivator font style that's all over the web :/
Just be happy hidden that you spelled everything right, unlike me, or s#.t would have really hit the fan..
Ha ha ha ha all the way to the toilet. I couldn't figure out what that was in his nose until I viewed full............ SNOT BUBBLE..
Yse u idi daegdog ew udnretsood ervrey wrod
Stunning piece. I ain't no art director but the font looks good to me That is not to say there can't be a better typography for this piece, but I like what I see. The yellow color chosen for the title text fits perfectly too.
Congrats. Creative work, all the details are great.
Was one of my favorite you did, CONGRATS and hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
Congratulations RWPike. You,obviously,stimulate the masses with your 'Blood & Donuts' approach to Art.
Pretty outstanding art, RW.
Congrats on the gold that....
If I could HALF this good I'd be pickled tink.

Funny Nancy Pelosi Begger

Nancy Pelosi Begger
Member reactions:
They will have to drag her, kicking & screaming, from the spotlight and won't die poor.
Many clever details here. Love the O rucksack and give me your "change" poster.
Thanks, NewsMaster. I appreciate your keen eye.
"Give me your change" Hahahaha, great work.

Funny Barack Obama the Begger

Barack Obama the Begger
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Member reactions:
This is so Sick and Twisted picture ... I love it
. fantastic work...and so funny...i love it
No such luck but, image is powerful; good luck.
Hahaha... exelent chop...
So solid concept with so vivid details. TOPS.
amazing idea .. and perfect chop... love it ..
awesome work pike .. congrats on the gold trophy . keep up the great works
Every time I think I see a good one, something even better comes along. This one really beats them all. Great theme here and one heck of a good job on your pic. Now only if wishes could come true. Love It...
I swear this is one of my favorite chops you have done.

Funny Nancy Pelosi Begger Painting

Nancy Pelosi Begger Painting
Poor old Nancy, it seems a little late to finally figure this out. source

Funny Alien Beggers Drinking on the Street

Alien Beggers Drinking on the Street

Funny Kim Jong Il the Begger

Kim Jong Il the Begger
Member reactions:
Hilarious. Many fine details here. One of my favorite works in the contest.

Funny Super Bowl Begger

Super Bowl Begger
Ticket Prices
Member reactions:
Funny entry. I think your pic would look better if you change your font to more of a hand-written type font for the sign.

Funny Oprah Winfrey Giving Cash to a Begger

Oprah Winfrey Giving Cash to a Begger
Oprah always helping the less fortunate....
Member reactions:
How those hobo ... ual rumors got started.
"No matter how hard I try, I just can't get rid of my big bum."

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