Two beggars
Two beggars
Two beggars. Member reactions:
Great idea, and a cheap donation gets a penny-pinched finger

Funny The beggar of Facebook

The beggar of Facebook
Member reactions:
A small plastic filter to his face would help.

Funny Obama Gives a Beggar Some Change

Obama Gives a Beggar Some Change
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze UncleChamp,fantastic chop,well executed and such a true statement
Excellent chop and an even equally excellent idea. Congrats on the Bronze. Sorry for hogging the 2 spot as well. I was hedging my bet trying to get that gold devil heheheh
Thanks Hits for the good words. And hey no need for sorry, cause it's my fault if I'm not good enough to take you. It just makes me want to get better. I'm just glad you didn't enter four. Lol
Thanks NewsMaster and thanks Deb, I was going list his catastrophic failures, but not near enough room
Thanks Renegade, and OldSchool, and Nanny your very kind

Funny Fifty Cent the Beggar

Fifty Cent the Beggar
Another day, another half dollar.

Funny William and Kate's Beggar's Wedding

William and Kate's Beggar's  Wedding
tentei finalizar essa arte aqui no freaking news, fazendo com que o casamento da familia real fosse o mais pobre e medilcre possível não viria outra idéia a não ser essa.
Member reactions:
A larger file would help with FULL-VIEW; maybe next time.

Funny Nancy Pelosi Beggar

Nancy Pelosi Beggar
Poll: Pelosi as Unpopular as BP Please view full Pelosi WIP
Member reactions:
Really every way. Concept, design, style and execution are all super.
Didn't need a wip, I see the work. Great job....
I think you could get it a bit sharper still though, maybe not i dunno.
You've nailed her. Fabulous job all around. Yeah...looks like a Pike to me.
Congratulations. You hid her Ears this time but, your individual style can't be missed.
Congrats on a great chop, fantastic job as always.
Many freaking stunning details - this is a pro chop. FN Poll newspaper.
Pelosi says - invest in silver. Congrats Pike-man.
Congrats on the silver Mr.Pike.. Nice Chop.
hey was close contest mate .. congrats on the silver . awesome chop here and thanks for wip
excellent chop...i love the expression in the eyes......congrats

Funny Bush Beggar

Bush Beggar
Bush Says Goodbye
Member reactions:
, great blend and I love the lettering on the sign. Convincing.

Funny Athens Guard Throws Out a Beggar

Athens Guard Throws Out a Beggar
Member reactions:
Hahaha, excellent idea... Good work with the motion blur - it might worth a try to add motion blur to the guard's kicking foot, too. The guard should look at the beggar I think. Now he's staring into nowhere... there a two points he might looking at: - the beggar's head - his kicking foot. The first point should be easy to realize - just lift / rotate the guard's head. She shape of the beggar's shadow on the ground looks good, but the colour should be like the other shadow. I would love seeing this fixed - the idea is fantastic. Good luck.
Those are some very good ideas, I will have a go thanks
Thanks again for the advice, I think it looks a lot better now.
Congratulations on the silver, John. Hilarious entry and a good trophy.
Thanks guys, and as always thanks for the great advice from everyone, I am very proud of all my medals and wouldnt have half of them without the help of other members here. thanks again John
Congrats John Very inventive on how you used past contest for current one...well done.

Funny Beggar on a Couch on the Sidewalk

Beggar on a Couch on the Sidewalk
Member reactions:
Pretty freaking cool...beg in style.. A little more definition where his arm meets the couch and better perspective and shadowing on the items on table and I think we got a winner ...
Thanks. I try and try and try but it still looks strange. I don´t care anymore.

Funny Bill Gates the Beggar

Bill Gates the Beggar
Member reactions:
I have to say, he looks more in line of what a person of the streets should like like. (My first thought on seeing the image presented to chop was that the guy did not look like a bum. He dresses far betterer than I do. ISYN)
Love the illustration style you've given to it. The concept and execution is one of the best in the show

Funny Beggar

Photoshop this beggar image (Click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dressing up the beggar, putting the beggar into some new environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Piotr Ciuchta and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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