Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn Drinking Beer
Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn Drinking Beer
Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn Drinking Beer. Member reactions:
Had to get the rocker vote . Nice job and congrats on the bronze.
Another great Image. Congrats on the Twofer, Andrew.

Funny Beethoven Playing a Saxophone

Beethoven Playing a Saxophone

Funny The Original Pop Stars Beethoven Bach and Mozart by Picasso

The Original Pop Stars Beethoven Bach and Mozart by Picasso
Picasso's 'the musicians'. Just wanted to go in a different direction

Funny Beethoven at the Piano Room

Beethoven at the Piano Room
Circa 1953 at the BeatHaven in New York City. And now, here's one that'll take you way back ... BEST VIEW SOURCE IMAGES
Member reactions:
Beethoven... very cool. Many brilliant touches here from the L V B buttons to the personalized piano. One question.. what brand of portable media player is he using.
Thank you gentlemen NewsMaster, that's actually the 1953 Sonotone 1010 , World's First Transistor Hearing Aid.
Great Composition. And I love to seeing the source images. Even though I do note a bit of a difference between the saturation of the wax figures face and Ronny's' hands, this is a Superior chop nonetheless.
Thank you S.S. , I adjusted the saturation on the hands and face ... I hope that's better.
Kewl. Much better. Because I will not suggest things that I don't try myself, I actually saved your previous version to tinker the colors on and was able to compare them. Looks good. I also like the way you dissipate the smoke from the cigarette. Looks more natural in comparison to many. Good Luck Hidden.
That's a perfect work in many ways, respect.
Thanks again SplatShot Thanks Evirio, and thanks for the r-e-s-p-e-c-t
The musician in your picture looks very sombre, also intent on what he is doing. I would love to hear the music he is playing. Your work is well composed, I like it very much.
The musician in this picture looks very sombre, almost like he is staring at someone with dislike in his eyes. Maybe he is merely concentrating on his music, I'm not sure. It's possible he wants more money in his glass too. Anyway, this work of art has many features in it to keep your interest. I like the monkey that hears no evil too but surely he hears no evil sounds coming from the musician who has placed him there. You have given us a very interesting scene to gaze at. Excellent piece of work.
Thank you twicely, JoanMckay Thank you Ricky Ricardo, your words hold much weight for me, my friend Thank you Marco, you were right about the microphone I made it smaller and I think it looks much better. Thanks again
Welcome back, Billy Mac.
Outstanding job bringing LVB to life and I love the stag setting. Congrats on the gold, very well done
Congratulations on winning the Gold, Quarter. A Perfect Piece of Work.
Many Thanks to everyone . . . I'm honored, a lot of great chops in this one ...Special thanks to SplatShot and PSM for the helpful suggestions.
Congrats, Bill. You certainly know how to put up a great show. Thanks for answering about the hearing aid - makes perfect sense for LVB.
Thank you kindly, gentlemen.

Funny Boy George as Beethoven

Boy George as Beethoven
Member reactions:
Awesome. It's like his portrait of his grandfather, or the one in his attic that gets older instead of him ... brilliant.

Funny Beethoven Abstract Movie Poster

Beethoven Abstract Movie Poster

Funny Mr Bean as Beethoven

Mr Bean as Beethoven
Celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven's 240th birthday: he was born on 17 December 1770
Member reactions:
Would you mind adding a link to the News Story related to this please. Thx
Might have been better to enter in the 'Freak Show' contest.(.)
You could probably find news about Bethooven's 240th birthday if you googled for it. Rules are rules, and when you dont post the news links in this contest people give you lower votes. Even though it's a great chop on its own
I know I would have voted higher based on the artistic execution but, I agree with the FN Maestro on this one.

Funny Beethoven's Next Movie

Beethoven's Next Movie
Member reactions:
Love the look on his face. "It's elementary my dear Rex."

Funny Michael Caine as Beethoven

Michael Caine as Beethoven
Source Images: Beethoven Source Image Michael Caine Source Image
Member reactions:
Nice, but face is a little bit big in my opinion.

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