John Adams Beer
John Adams Beer
John Adams Beer. Member reactions:

Funny Beer Barrel Beer

Beer Barrel Beer
Member reactions:
Excellent . Axtually there is a product like this for wine and spirits.
Real Earthy chop and awesome oak bottle. Congrats on the bronze
Well done. Perfect for a picnic in the woods.
Congrats on the Bronze, GRM ... nice work, the background reminds me of New England at Indian Summer time

Funny Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi With a Barrel of Beer

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi With a Barrel of Beer
Member reactions:
Obama with a crazy smile... Like the Offical Beer mug
nice work, wanderer. my favorite parts are B&B in the background. congrats.
Hahahah a sink tap. Brilliant. Congrats on the wood
Congrats on the Wood, theycallhimtheWanderer ... It appears that Obama's been drinking a lot of his own "Ear Beer"

Funny Barack Obama's Ear Beer

Barack Obama's Ear Beer
Member reactions:
Quite nicely done with a wonderful mix of wonderful detail and humor ... the chop is deserving of gold but I hear the Ear Beer tastes as bad as it sounds what. beg your pardon. come again.
Fantastic... Like the concept and the beer bottle color
Thanks guys.:0 Moon, it's actually a nice gummy beer that sits thick on the tonque, maybe a bit chewy for an east coast beer ,but fruity non the less.
Big congrats. Very nicely done, clean, no frills chopping, Jere. It looks like the Spartan style inspired all 4, 300 Karma judge's give you near maximum applause... Frame this one.
thanks. Hits, it's of the utmost importance to pay of the judges.
Golden Congrats ...I hear they travel far and near, to condemn the taste of Obama's Ear Beer

Funny Irish Tear Beer

Irish Tear Beer
Member reactions:
Quite nicely crafted ... It's a winner for crying out loud ... I'll keep an eye open for this beer
Its for those people who left us weeping
Great Irish "spirit" in this chop, Hidden.
Thank you Newsy, Lucianno, Rajeshstar, Qtrmoonchop and Hobbit.
nice still life, hits. good labelwork too. congrats
Thank youChamp, Swashbuckle, Andrew, Jere, HH and Doc
Congrats on the Silver, HS ... if FN had an $ award for tight races, you'd have some nice extra cashflow ...
TY Chris, Hobbit and Qtrmoonshop. It is a little curious how the close ones tend to bend away from my favor disproportionately. Been told it is because I rock the boat occasionally Of course it may also be that I was simply out chopped Ha.

Funny Hillary Clinton with a Beer Belly

Hillary Clinton with a Beer Belly
Member reactions:
Belly is in the right position mistery continues...

Funny Vladimir Putin Invites America to Have Beer

Vladimir Putin Invites America to Have Beer
Member reactions:
Good collection, low consixtency story, some problem with lights/shadows.
Great satire. Beer should not have the alcohol content of vodka though
Beer without vodka, money down the drain.

Funny Green Lightning Beer

Green Lightning Beer
Thanks to Jamari Lior for use of stock.
Member reactions:
This is awesome to see the power of lightning is add to the beer good one
Good advertising but shouldn't lihightning be green .
The glow is green; lightning -- being electricity -- will show as white. If you want to be technical.
Thanks, UncleChamp. Thanks, NewsMaster. Thanks, Rajeshstar. Thanks, LucianoMorelli.

Funny Men in HAZMAT Suits Drinking Beer

Men in HAZMAT Suits Drinking Beer
Member reactions:
At first sight I read "...i'm dying". Anyway appropriate.
This is fantastic. It took me a minute to get the ironic humor, but then, I ain't too swift. Excellent. I love it, should be a poster
Thanks Rob, after I did the guy in white I had no motivation to do it again with camo man. Lol a lot of work, not much payoff.

Funny Irish Santa with a Green Beer

Irish Santa with a Green Beer
Member reactions:
Crisp chop, well why is his had got Aura..
Congrats. Looks like there's a body moving around in that bag, is that a head kind of bulging up.
TY Eric, Luciano, Swashbuckle, fugit and Robb. I dunno, it's a magic hat eric Could be many heads, Robb If ISIS gets their way the story of Santa will probably be rewritten in history as the "head collector" that deposits the severed heads of infidels on naughty children's beds. After all, he's got the beard already. Hehehehe
Congrats, Hitspinner. Green beer, but nose still is red. Very natural.
Nice chop Tim. Lots of character and refinement. Congrats on the silver.

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