'Amazing Beef Burger'
'Amazing Beef Burger'
'Amazing Beef Burger' . SOURCES
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Thanks hobbit and Splatshot 😎👍🏼
Lol cheers Gummy 😂
Knew this was a Top Winner, Love it, animals always are cute , in place of Humans.Congrats....
Thanks Manos appreciated 😎👍🏼

Funny D CON Roast Beef

D CON Roast Beef
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This one could have taken it all but I bet it went right over the heads of the non domestic US voters.. Very well don and I love the dark humor

Funny Beef Snacks Pop Art

Beef Snacks Pop Art
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lizey borden..google it famouse killer in the late 1800s early 1900s approx. killed her parents with an ax.
Had to google for the info on her but ow I know. Getting goosebumps just reading what she did

Funny Beef with Bite

Beef with Bite

Funny Beef Toothpaste

Beef Toothpaste

Funny Girl With a Beef Steak Painting

Girl With a Beef Steak Painting
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how about some form of blood from the meat on her clothes. or on her hands... Her top finger just disappears into the meat too.
it looks at of close the detail to the meat in the hand
Still don't get the title, but it doesn't really matter I guess I have to agree with the other comment re: the fingers.
Congratulations on the silver trophy. aeeeeeeeeee brazil

Funny Beef Shoes

Beef Shoes
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Specially for women - Comes in 100 shades of pink. Cool work, katie, congratulations on the gold.

Funny Beef Mincer Gun

Beef Mincer Gun
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In one end and out the other. In the end we're all chopped meat.

Funny Beefed Up Cow

Beefed Up Cow

Funny Texas Beef George Bush

Texas Beef George Bush

Funny Beef

The largest beef recall in U.S. history happened this week - California meat processor recalled 143 million pounds of tainted beef. The recall comes after the release of the scandal video by Humane Society of the United States, showing how sick Californian cows were prepared for slaughter. 143 million pounds is a lot of beef. What to do with it? Photoshop creative ways of how all this beef could be used. Some examples are - show things made of beef (fully or partially), include beef in paintings, movies, etc.

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