Drone Crashes Into Man's Bedroom
Drone Crashes Into Man's Bedroom
Drone Crashes Into Man's Bedroom. A mystery drone crashed into a Florida man's bedroom
Member reactions:
Me likes a lot. Even the glass bits are done nicely
those broken glasses are freaking killing idea
This will ofte happen with Amazon's delivery service in the next future.

Funny My Van Gogh Bedroom

My Van Gogh Bedroom
Member reactions:
Good remake. IMO left chair should be bigger than the right one, being nearer to the observer.

Funny Rob Ford Smoking Pot in a Bedroom

Rob Ford Smoking Pot in a Bedroom
Well maybe just one more time. Sources
Member reactions:
"Just one more time never hurt anyone" ~ Rob Ford Fantastic chop.
Thank you Master Vlad, love the quote and comments. I'm delighted to win the woody, and behind such greats as Hamid, D Man, and LunaC ..
Thanks Paul and DisasterMan, Appreciate it..
Great work Champ... Congrats on the woody...
good compo job, good atmosphere . congrats UncleChamp
Thanks for the congrats, Hamid. Thanks Armatien, I appreciate your comments.

Funny Nancy Pelosi & Hillary Clinton in the Bedroom

Nancy Pelosi & Hillary Clinton in the Bedroom
Nancy Pelosi & Hillary Clinton
Member reactions:
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwe now im gonna be sick seeing this.
Made me laugh out loud. Nice job on the blending.
Gawd this'll keep me straight for years to come :/ Nice blend b tw
nice blend
Hilariously disturbing, and yet strangely arousing - nice work . . . love the notice on the wall.
I should have known it was you. Pelosi is smoking hot, Clinton still scares me.

Funny Tom Green in the Bedroom

Tom Green in the Bedroom
What was beautiful Drew Barrymore,ever thinking when she married Tom.

Funny Miss Bean in the Bedroom

Miss Bean in the Bedroom
I love my room

Funny Mermaid in Her Bedroom

Mermaid in Her Bedroom
Member reactions:
I wonder if we are seeing the beginnings of a movement within FN towards neo-sideshow styles. Nice Job.
One of my favorites in the contest. Wish the image was bigger though

Funny Tiger Woods' Bedroom Golf Score Card

Tiger Woods' Bedroom Golf Score Card
Alleged partner names and photos attributed to media reports and may not be accurate. Tiger Woods Mistresses
Member reactions:
..."the 18th hole will be played in the near future against Elin Woods on pimplaro Island, Sweden" .
Great concept GRM. I'll bet this score card will be filled up before the scandal dies. So---Do you know the difference between Santa and Tiger Woods. (Santa stops after the third "HO").
that's cool work GRM Congrats on the woody and keep going
Thanks all. The research was as much fun as composing the image.

Funny Cow in Pink Bedroom

Cow in Pink Bedroom
Milking happiness
Member reactions:
hmmm, s*xy cow. And who's the horned guy on the wall. cool chop. p.s. i remember ads (from way back.) for Carnation milk stating their milk was from "contented" cows.
me loves it too. S-mooo-th work. GP.
Great work BurnitFaery keep up top chops

Funny Obamas Bedroom

Obamas Bedroom
Watching their favorite movie of course .. view full .. News Source Image Sources
Member reactions:
This is really good. I would raise the contrast in the TV picture and maybe add a little grain and a light reflection. I love this. I bet Bill would love it too.
Thanks Jerry - I darkened it a bit, added some scan line noise and a small light reflection to the tv screen as per your suggestion.
Fantastic entry in many regards. The composition has many elements, and many sources. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into it. I love the old TV type you used there too. Gives a certain feel to it.
Congrats Jester Lots of eye candy and effort in this image.
congrats ...i like the way you showed hillery taking the picture very clever ..

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