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Funny Beavis Pictures

Beavis and Butthead Playing Guitar HeroFunny Beavis and Butthead Playing Guitar Hero
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This was fun. I drew and painted this using these sources.

Conan Obrien as BeavisFunny Conan Obrien as Beavis
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Source here
Awesome. Looks like one of those conan art pieces they show right after the commercial break. Love it.
This is priceless. Conan does look like Beavis.
Funny thing was I was searching for a good Conan image to work on when I saw this one posted here. No way was I gonna compete with this. Wonderful work.
Congratulations Rain. Gold for Beavis, Bronze for Butthead - Good Job.
Congrats Rain on your gold and bronze...the competition here is getting harder...WTG I just found out that you have 6 entries in this contest you have a lot of time thumbs up...
Thanks all for the kind words Nilo, I saw yours and did another

Beavis CupidFunny Beavis Cupid
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Original art by William Bouguereau

Beavis and Butthead`s Next Movie in HellFunny Beavis and Butthead`s Next Movie in Hell
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Beavis John TravoltaFunny Beavis John Travolta
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Full view is a must... source here
Skin tones and texture look great in full view .. look good in contest view as well.
good manipulation and retain natural skintone.
Congratulations on the Silver, nilo. Glad to see you entering again.
Impressive work nilo, well deserved win, cheers.
thank you very much for all the kind words...and yeah "I'm Back cheers.

Toney Blair and Sarkozy as Beavis and ButtheadFunny Toney Blair and Sarkozy as Beavis and Butthead
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I wanted to put "SarkozydeNagyBocsahead", but there wasn't enough space. Tony really did look like this.
FANTASTIC work with many details, but I would put Bush instead of Blair, wince Blair is so to say a thing of the past, and Sarko hardly crossed with him. LOVE the high heels on the Sarko's shoes
Well, Sarko is a great fan of Blair, and vice-versa . I found this ghastly photo of TB, half the work was already done .

Heh, Heh - It's a Bad trip BeavisFunny Heh, Heh - It's a Bad trip Beavis
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Dream'in Big Al Blue

Beavis and ButtheadFunny Beavis and Butthead
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Beavis & ButtheadFunny Beavis & Butthead
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After this, I think need some TP for my bunghole. Cornholio for prez.
They sure would have my vote...I really like this
Beavis--"Butt Munch" Butthead--"" Beavis--"you already said that Butt Barf Bag" Butthead--"Huh, Huh, huh,, uh, that was cool"

Beavis and Butthead CampingFunny Beavis and Butthead Camping
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Beavis & ButtheadFunny Beavis & Butthead - Bad boys Beavis & Butthead will soon be making their return in a live action movie, according to their creator Mike Judge. In an interview to MTV, Judge says he sees Seann William Scott as Beavis, and Topher Grace as Butthead. Come to think of it, Seann William does look like Beavis. Photoshop Beavis and Butthead any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what world would be like if Beavis & Butthead ruled the word; photoshopping famous movies and paintings to include Beavis, Butthead or both; turning celebrities and politicians into Beavis or Butthead, etc. Here's a good example.

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