Kremlin beasts
Kremlin beasts
Kremlin beasts.

Funny Sally Kohn Reporter for the Daily Beast

Sally Kohn Reporter for the Daily Beast
CNN Contributor, Sally Kohn, Reporter for Daily Beast) Progressive Liberal and just plain irritating person. Sally Source
Member reactions:
Would hate to be around when those ZITS burst, good chop.
Thank you Hobbit. Though they look like zits, they are actually exaggerated bruises/lumps from fighting with the Republican mascot .
the lumps are the "cherry on top" of this fine chop, hehe.
Is this chop infectious across internet .
Sorry, I knew he was fighting, but thought they were BIG ZITS, either way, Love the chop, congrats...
congratz on teh win and a cool piece of choppage, Spinster.
Congrads on the Gold Cup, another great Chop.
Congrats on the win, Hit-man. Ohh..shoot. Now I see the guy/girl. I liked the elephant best. :O
Congrats on the gold, Hitman. Another home run.
thanks gang. Sorry I am late, had a doc appointment and a subsequent busy day. Old Hits got his A55 chewed out by the sawbones. Oooopsie. Thank you Champ, Newsy, Andrew, Bob, SS , HoHouse, Jere, Gummy, Hobbit, Luciano, Balodiya, Joan and Nisha

Funny Beauty and the Beast Grim Reaper and a Fairy

Beauty and the Beast Grim Reaper and a Fairy
Member reactions:
Beauty and the beast very correctly match Superb job done
Nice work. The blade should go behind the wheel though.
A magic spell hovered around the beauty... and it appears from no where... excellent composition done using the source... a near reality turned to be a fantasy for many who view this chop... great going
beautifully done with extra effects work and turned this simple place into a fairy tale wonder world, cool lighting and smoke wave toward the ppls hand amazing art of chop
Grats on winning bronze, F. I thought i recognised that attic from the planking grandma.
Congratulations. Never disappointed with your imaginative powers.
Amazing stuff - it feels like I can hear spooky wind just looking at this entry. Congrats on the bronze, funk.
Great stuff, funk always a treat. Congrats on the Bronze.

Funny Pink Beast with Some Flowers

Pink Beast with Some Flowers
Member reactions:
Great turnover of the Beast with moon studded background and mix of pink shade gives a scary look
Wonderful thought he might in love with colorful lady which

Funny Beast From 20,000 Fathoms

Beast From 20,000 Fathoms
"I swear it just came up out of nowhere, and scared the beejeeezus out of me." .
Member reactions:
Horrible beast.. ha ha ha some one left his glass
Nicely done. Love the spilled drink, great touch.
Its really horrifying act Great title and funny to see the drink spilled over the deck and its greatly mix all over
Very Impressive performance and great job done

Funny Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Funny Rickytrek the Beast

Rickytrek the Beast
Send me another one ... I STILL THIRST FOR BLOOD .... OF ALL THE BLOOD..
Member reactions:
Yaaaaaaahhh...... I mean Fantastic work.
He is clearly a heartless b'tard. Ha ha ha. Great work.

Funny Beast Football Player

Beast Football Player
Small View is Great and Full view is Awesome Sources used
Member reactions:
Wouldn't wanna come face2face with this BIG fella :/ Good wk
Totally what Kell said. That's a huge party animal.

Funny The Behemoth Beast

The Behemoth Beast
Described in the Bible in the book of Job as one of two beasts of impossible size and strength I thought it would be interesting if the Behemoth was running amok today...could we survive.
Member reactions:
Oh were is the poorly dubbed English when you need it. Good work. next time you want to do a blood thirsty behemoth destroying a city, try and make the city a bit bigger, the city is sorta lost in the whole action of it all. Tokyo might be a good target. All in all A+ in the class of awesome chopping. This is kinda inspiring I might try my hand at some monster taking on a city, keep up the good work hope to see more.
Thanks for the kind words. You did miss one point though, the beast is supposed to be the size of the entire city, the size of a mountain. Something I couldnt accomplish without doing a pnaorama of the entire cityscape. Im glad you like this so much and Im delighted to have inspired. I hope you do make a giant monster attack. Id love to see how someone else handles the subject manip style.
Well executed. It seems there was lot of work. May be you forgot the Logo text at the top right.
Looks great in full. Like the perspective / blur on the missiles.
Dammit. I did forget about the name at the top. Grrrrrr. And yeah there was a LOT of work in this, took me about 10 days to complete. First time Ive played with blur to create depth, I usually eschew that in favor of showing all the details of an image but in this case I wanted a sense of epic scale.
Full view is superb. I'd lower the contrast on the monster, but that's just my preference
Thanks Newsie. I kinda like the contrast myself but I see what you mean.

Funny Unleash The Beast

Unleash The Beast
Titel: Unleash The Beast Autor: "Exploding Art" Fotograf: "MURDOC the PSYCHO" Model: "M.Decker"

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