Beak in the air
Beak in the air
Beak in the air. Member reactions:
Elegant and simple. It had a chance in my opinion. I love the maximum output of the message and minimum effort of execution. Very pro.

Funny Cat With a Bird Beak

Cat With a Bird Beak

Funny Bulldog with a Beak

Bulldog with a Beak
Member reactions:
Terrific . I hope not to meet it at night
If this one ever escapes the lab, I'll be making a reservation for the next flight to Mars.
Naturally the most bizarre is going to get my top pick and this is off the chart bizarre LMFAO
Aww, thanks guys,,, I was kinda going for "Ewww" in dorkish sorta way ya know.

Funny Obama Vulture Holding a Hand in his Beak

Obama Vulture Holding a Hand in his Beak
Member reactions:
I like it looks so realistic, great job Paul.
The turkey air force one is a great touch here.
Thanks, Newsy. You might be the only one who noticed it.

Funny Duck with a Sneaker Beak

Duck with a Sneaker Beak
Member reactions:
Deserves a cup.. Freaking excellent. I'll throw in my two cents on this and say you could amp it up with a more interesting and defined background. Sometimes that helps to add more attraction. But the idea here, alone is still very, very strong and out of the box original. Well done. I love to see innovation like this

Funny Bird Beak Woman

Bird Beak Woman
A wind blows softly over the many shed tears. The names carved in stone; witnesses of their existence. Simple words assign them, equalled in the loneliness of forgotten graves. Their only companion a lost bird.
Member reactions:
that's great work friend , welcome to freakingnews and hope to see more from you

Funny Parrot Beak Cutter

Parrot Beak Cutter

Funny Hound Dog with a Beak

Hound Dog with a Beak
Poor old girl, it's bad enough wearing those silly clothes with having a mouth like that.

Funny Lizard with a Beak

Lizard with a Beak
These lizards love to eat worms and berries.
Member reactions:
the new mouth fits. could use more blending though

Funny Parrot with a Steel Beak

Parrot with a Steel Beak

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