JULY 1969 BBQ on the Moon
JULY 1969 BBQ on the Moon
JULY 1969 BBQ on the Moon. Member reactions:
Tnx all Here is the companion image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/expd/7487605302/in/set-72157630406666940
Congrats on Wood, WillBanzai. Great work.

Funny Statue of Liberty Having a BBQ

Statue of Liberty Having a BBQ
Phoenix, Las Vegas Bake In Scorching Heat
Member reactions:
Thank you very much HoHouse,SteveGSQ,geriatric and silvercanine ... ...
Silver congrats, gugu. Great artistic blending.

Funny Whitehouse BBQ

Whitehouse BBQ
1st Lady: "What do you mean we're eating pork." Biden: "What do you mean you don't eat pork."
Member reactions:
Obama is cooking Pork and Romney is a Soy Bomb very funny visuals

Funny Mitt Romney Making a BBQ

Mitt Romney Making a BBQ

Funny Gore BBQ

Gore BBQ
Member reactions:
. Awesome grill. I know my hubby would love that thing. Good job.
Did you make that grill or is that a real thing.
sweet grill . heads a bit to bright imo.

Funny Oldsmobile BBQ

Oldsmobile BBQ
Tailgaters everywhere would buy this.

Funny BBQ Osama

BBQ Osama
Osama Bin BBQing
Member reactions:
son, i tell you it wont get to hot, just well done, now fold your legs so i can get you in there

Funny Pig Having a Roadside BBQ

Pig Having a Roadside BBQ
two hungry iguanas on a road trip through madagascar

Funny Wolverine Cooking a BBQ

Wolverine Cooking a BBQ
See Wolverine as never before, BBQ Man, coming to the Food Channel this Summer.
Member reactions:
Fun idea. It would also be fun to see his claws used as shish kabob skewers over a fire.
Nice light glares and good to see the spoons and forks replaced the blades

Funny Bongo Drum BBQ

Bongo Drum BBQ
Bang the Drum Slowly.
Member reactions:
You can let go now Mr. Heston. You were a great actor and were in one of my favorites "Soylent Green", which happened to be Edward G. Robinson's last movie. You were a strong advocate for the NRA of whic I have strong mixed, conficted feelings about. Well, Rest in Peace. (I'm sure many would wish to use one of Edward G's line's "Roast in Peace" - but get over it. Él está muerto. Consiga sobre él.)

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