Battersea Power Station Underwater
Battersea Power Station Underwater
Battersea Power Station Underwater. Member reactions:
Ultra cool light effects under water is so attractive
Pigs rocks ... beautiful job, I love it ..
A high quality chop.... great lighting effects and the powerhouse concept is good where the power generates using the water
Thank You, Bmore, ericnorthend, Ariel9 and rajeshstar..
Rocks......The Power Pig Great work.....I love the underwater chops, I just didn't have time to enter.
Thank you very much, Newsy, Ariel9, Camthalio and Slapshot.. glad you enjoyed it..
Xaos54 ... Congratulations on a great chop and the Gold... The only mild criticism I had. Would it have killed you to link a tune. Lol. ; )
Xaos54 congrats on the Gold. It really is beautifully done.
Gold Congrats Xaos54, the touch of hog really put it over the top.
Thanks a whole bunch, Bmore, suzseams,geriatric, UncleChamp, HoHouse and pcrdds.. Bmore, haha.. ur right Pigs (Three Different Ones ) would have been perfect.. oink ,oink ,oink..
Congrats on the gold, Chaos. Your standards are ever increasing.
Marvellous, I saw it on the random hits and was struck by it's beauty.

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