Batman and Robin
Batman and Robin
Batman and Robin. Batman leaves Robin sad.
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Thanks. This was the entry that switching the servers ended up using my early version of Adam without his small wings. Sorry Mr West.

Funny POW POOF RIP Dear Batman

 POW POOF RIP Dear Batman
The Original, Very sad

Funny Legend of the Batman

Legend of the Batman
Combination of the Dracula poster, a hot toys image of Adam West's batman, and the chicago skyline and a few other minor items
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Strong chop and well done. One minor compositional tip. His attention is directed out of the picture so that naturally sends the viewer's attention off the page too. I love your sources and other than the point I
Appreciate the tip and the compliment. Judging from those ahead of me seems like I should've gone the more comedic route with my submission. I'll keep that in mind going forward.

Funny Adam West Batman Tribute

Adam West Batman Tribute
So long old chum. Thanks for the memories.
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Tonight (Thursday) the Bat-signal will be on at Los Angeles' City Hall in honor of Mr West. Bat-signal Honor
Nice and clean. Congrats on the silver.. It's great you put the other characters in too
Thanks. I should have put Eartha Kitt in as Catwoman since they all have passed away.

Funny Batman Forever

Batman Forever
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Thank you Hitspinner and Hobbit. Mr.West was a Man. Batman image is from him. RIP James West.
Why was removed my second picture with Batman's car.
Congrads of the the Gold, best of the bunch

Funny Merkel as Superman and Putin as Batman

Merkel as Superman and Putin as Batman
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Ho ho, master is back. Feb 31 .
Congrats on top cup, Elegary. Real nice job.
Excellent work, congrats on Gold, Elegary.
Congrats on the gold, Elegary - excellent chop.

Funny South Park Batman

South Park Batman
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Congrats on top 5. It was my Favorited in the contest.

Funny Batman Goat

Batman Goat
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Well done. I suggest you do desaturate goat's ead which looks more brown than body.

Funny Batman Lemur

Batman Lemur

Funny Ben Affleck the New Batman

Ben Affleck the New Batman
Will Ben Afleck make it work.
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Holy Crapfleck Batman. It works Hidden, Fantastic.
i think you should get rid of the wire. otherwise a great freaking chop.
Huh. But the tangled wire is the silliest part of the gag. Thanks Jeremix TY and Uncle Champ and Disasterman
Great . If his face was red could be one of the Incredibles.
Love the chop, but I would keep the original Afleck's hairstyle, though he is still recognizable.
Congratulations on the gold Hit-man. I really like everything about it. Well except the fact it finished one spot ahead of mine...grrrrr
Thank you guys. Imagine my surprise when the 2 hour chop whooped my 8 hour chop Hahahah. Skull lady was the superchop.... I am cracking up. I have no clue other than humor goes a long way. Bob,SplatShot, NM, Jere, Eric, Luciano, Balodiya and Sulli, thanks for the votes and comments. I'll try to do more "Funny" for you guys
Congratulations. This was worth a '10' from me. Here's yer' Buddy's playmate:
Hahahaha Pat, "Hey Mathew, how you loose that eye." "Ahhh, it was a pesky flying monkey. How come you have an ice-pack on your junk." "Same thing, never even saw it coming." (Thanks for the 10 )
Congratulations on another Gold Hits. And the Hits just keep on coming
Congrats Hits. Really great work and i wish the skull lady could be up here with Ben so they could celebrate together.

Funny RIP Batman

RIP Batman
Adam West, who has died aged 88, was one of those actors who had to strive to “live down” not a failure but his greatest success. West, who was synonymous with the role of Batman in the vastly popular, campy TV series of 1966-68, could never escape his alter ego. Although he appeared in scores of films and television series throughout his long career, most reviewers, whatever the role, insisted on referring to him as “TV’s Batman”. Pay a tribute to one of the most recognizable faces in American TV history, Adam West, the Caped Crusader! To read more about Adam West and his life Visit This Link

Funny Batman - The Dark Knight

Batman - The Dark Knight
One of the biggest movies of the year is opening this Friday - "The Dark Knight" is the latest installment of the Batman saga. The movie will be made famous for the Joker's role in which movie critics say it may be the best Joker out of all previous episodes. The dark irony is that the Joker is played by the brilliant Australian actor Heath Ledger, who tragically died earlier this year. The critics and media are already talking about Ledger's Oscar nomination, and he'll be sure to get the last laugh from the big screen. Photoshop Batman movies any way you wish. While we encourage you to use the latest installment of "The Dark Night", you can also use any previous Batman movies. Some examples are making movie sequels of Batman, changing the movie cast, merging any Batman movie with other movies, putting Batman into paintings, making him endorse products, etc.

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