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Funny Batman Pictures

New Batman StinksFunny New Batman Stinks
Member reactions:
Stinks Fans rally against Ben Afflec nod
Ben looks awesome in his new avatar good job in the caricature well done
loool funny chop friend... binbatman... very funny.
Thanks. It was a fast one so not a great loos at 5th
Glad you chose this news and chopped it. When I saw the headlines, I thought - this is a good chopping material. Quality work here, Hits.
I thought so too and to be honest, the national and international news has been sooooo horrific lately that I just wanted to chop something a little less psychologically destructive, Newsy. Thanks for the interest. I guess in the end it turned out to be a bit of a non-story, compared to other events

A New Twist on BatmanFunny A New Twist on Batman
Member reactions:

I missed the deadline for the superhero movie contest...but it's still based on news of the week--so entering it here. Hope you like. New Twist on Batman

Batman IsFunny Batman Is
Member reactions:
One for the ladies
Very Hilarious Like the posture and the magic created in this chop
I don't get the title, but nice job. I remember that movie "So Fine" was a pretty good comedy though (oops. showing my age). Congrats on the Silver.
Ahhh okay....The original poster read; "Channing Tatum Is Magic Mike". Magic Mike was a male stripper. Thank you Bob, Doc , Armatien. Geri, Balodiya and Rajesh.
Congrads on the Silver Cup. Nice cheeks or buns, good job, me I failed to launch.
This is hysterical and very clever. Congrats on the silver, Hits.
Congrats on the Silver Hits. Creative work mate.

Member reactions:

You should check the rules: "What cannot be used in an entry." (the Swastika)
Nice job in putting the black clouds in the background good feel given to the chop fantastic work
Great idea. Man the admins had mercy on you. I have had my chops summarily pulled and rendered useless. Good correction in time. And congratulations on the cup
Freaking awesome remake. Congrats on the wood, kadath.

Brokeback BatmanFunny Brokeback Batman
Member reactions:

The summer of '64
Good to see Joker and Batman together as friends...Nice thinking
I guess they are more than friends, Rajeshstar Funny context, Sheryl and a nicely crafted chop

South Park BatmanFunny South Park Batman
Member reactions:

Assuming you had to construct all of the costumes and shrink them to SP proportions yourself, that is a pretty great job you did here.
The Batman costume fits well to them... they look so cute and funny Kids definitely love them
PERFECTION in each and every pixel Eye, mask, shadows reflection super duper work. I just love then both. Good luck
Congratulations on Gold Ivan, Outstanding Job.
thanks everyone for all comments and votes
Congrads on the gold, Ivan. Real nice chop
Absolutely deserved win -- brilliant chop.

Batman & RobinFunny Batman & Robin
Member reactions:

Cheech and the new Batman and Boy wonder.
awesome...and, good job matching the pics to the over-saturated, old school Adam West incarnation of Batman...
Great city view and good light source coming from the planets

Batman in DenimFunny Batman in Denim
Member reactions:

Great job done, Nice to see the Moon background and bats hovering around the Bat man and wearing a Levis
Thanks, Rajeshstar, SteveGSQ and ericnorthend
I was amazed Thanks AzureSky and grenlends.

Karate Joker Kicking BatmanFunny Karate Joker Kicking Batman
Member reactions:

Joker turns karate on us.
thanks for the suggestion, changes made as per your request

Cat and Mouse as Batman and RobinFunny Cat and Mouse as Batman and Robin
Member reactions:

Batcat and Ratin

Batman - The Dark KnightFunny Batman - The Dark Knight - One of the biggest movies of the year is opening this Friday - "The Dark Knight" is the latest installment of the Batman saga. The movie will be made famous for the Joker's role in which movie critics say it may be the best Joker out of all previous episodes. The dark irony is that the Joker is played by the brilliant Australian actor Heath Ledger, who tragically died earlier this year. The critics and media are already talking about Ledger's Oscar nomination, and he'll be sure to get the last laugh from the big screen. Photoshop Batman movies any way you wish. While we encourage you to use the latest installment of "The Dark Night", you can also use any previous Batman movies. Some examples are making movie sequels of Batman, changing the movie cast, merging any Batman movie with other movies, putting Batman into paintings, making him endorse products, etc.

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