Bathroom Bill not W.J. Clinton
Bathroom Bill not W.J. Clinton
Bathroom Bill not W.J. Clinton. Solution

Funny Barack and Michelle Obama Fighting in the Bathroom

Barack and Michelle Obama Fighting in the Bathroom
Looks like it's "Dueling Plungers."
Member reactions:
Obama's body and Michelle's body to the waist.
Awesome job... colorful gown and the great fight in the bathroom too hilarious to view Nicely done
Very comic situation, good caricature and cool proc
Well done Hidden Everything Looks very Perfect Nice Costume of both of them
Ha, ha, haq, another war for Potus. Very nice the waterfall.
The presidential throne here is my favorite part.
Also great spirit of play and worthy of gold. Congrats on the silver, Doc.

Funny Woman Escaping Painting For a Bathroom Break

Woman Escaping Painting For a Bathroom Break
Member reactions:
Great Job Luciano. You done did a fine OOB.

Funny Pope Francis Takes a Selfie in the Bathroom

Pope Francis Takes a Selfie in the Bathroom
Pope poses for a "selfie" at the Vatican
Member reactions:
If you can sharpen the head and face to be as high res as the body, it will be perfection. It's still hilarious, though.
This is the chop to spread Freaky breeze on the air all over my room... cant stop my laugh on his gesture Total recall
Awesome caricature done on the Pope... he self potriating his pic to get some news stuff for the public Well done in showing his eyes focusing on camera
Great job mate, you were overdue. Congrats on the top cup

Funny Elderly Couple have a Romantic Dinner in Bathroom

Elderly Couple have a Romantic Dinner in Bathroom
Member reactions:
its a bath tub dinner studded with candle lights and great perfume filled room... very funny and crazy couple

Funny Girl Busting For the Bathroom

Girl Busting For the Bathroom
Member reactions:
funny twist of legs and shadow too.. good one
I think you have done a wonderful job here.
Hilarious remake, congrats on the bronze, Wanderer.

Funny Uncorporatised Bathroom

Uncorporatised Bathroom
Guess grumpy guy walked into the wrong bathroom

Funny Woman Lying in an Abandoned Bathroom

Woman Lying in an Abandoned Bathroom
Member reactions:
i really love this image.,, and the gross disgusting muck in the tub is wonderful
This is really a terrific job, abandoned with a lady in the bath room so pitty as of the image is concerned, its excellent with a sky view and the room looks haunted and the duck sailing alone in the muddy tub really a great chop ....
Hats off for the imagination very well done
Yeh its terrific job, Love the way she is on the floor. Like the work on sky with stars and cloud fantastic work with living stuff like bird and duck and yes broken glass of the window, 10++
You are fantastic . Golden congrats Salis .
salis2006 very nice ,,different style congratulations...
Congrats Salis...especially like how you layered the water in
thanx all, trying to do something different jere
Great job Salis … cool concept … especially like the ring and the mucky water in the tub, and love the bird.

Funny Justin Bieber and Mayweather in the Bathroom with Cash

Justin Bieber and Mayweather in the Bathroom with Cash
"Money" Mayweather cashes in with decision over Cotto.
Member reactions:
Good job done, any time Money may be you in a bath your time counts for money
Put some money to the Bathroom, what is it ha ha ha

Funny Barack Obama In the Bathroom His Nobel Peace Prize Toilet Paper

Barack Obama In the Bathroom His Nobel Peace Prize Toilet Paper
Member reactions:
NICE. Do the toilet in red, white and blue and make it offical
gary,,, i did try to make his gas red white and blue , but i couldn't get it quite right.
Excellent caricature of Obama and great work done with the room, filled with water and the boat and dolphin too included great job done i am honored to see this chop
Wonderful work with caricature and the water work on floor nice merge
love the chop, except for the face, because apart from the ear it's not obombi no more. You gotta keep some of his features Pree. I like how the paper submerges in the water. looks really good.
jere i guess i over did his ear hu. heres the source face,,
thanks for posting that pic Pree. Looks like a hard one to make a caricature of. The ear came out ok though. I think it's the cheeks and nose that are off somehow. Oh well, a cool pic just the same and it won a shiney cup so what the hay
its ok jere . i think maybe you dont like how i imploded his face,, i was trying to bring out how the back of his head looks,,,so i extended his ear a bit,, ty for your help..
Congrats're really getting jiggy with the warp effects
Awesome political satire + awesome work with the source. Congrats on the silver, pree.
Wonderful job Pree-mee … coverd up as much of that lo-res image as possible, and the parts that do show look great. That is one crazy Obama … looks like he's been chasin' parked cars …great work Silver congratsssss...
That is funny satire.

Funny Bathroom

This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of empty bathroom (image credit: Still Burning) any way you wish. Some examples are - fill this empty bathroom with objects and people, re-design and decorate this empty bathroom, use this empty bathroom image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Mirror
Photoshop this image of bathroom mirror (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: changing the reflections in the mirror, showing what world may lie behind the mirror, putting the bathroom mirror into some new environment, using this bathroom mirror image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Roger Kirby and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Bathroom Chess?

Bathroom Chess?
[ The chess world is in crisis. The biggest chess match in the world almost came to a halt, after one of the players (Vladimir Kramnik of Russia) was accused of taking too many bathroom breaks - over 50 per game - apparently to use a computer or other device to help him with his moves. ] Remember the scene from the God Father movie, where Al Pacino goes to the bathroom to get his gun and comes back blowing everyone's brains out? Kramnik wanted to do just this, but didn't have the guts to pull the trigger, so he had to try it 50 times. For which I applaud him, because rather than shooting his opponent, Kramnik decided to have a clean victory. And by clean I mean no brains scattered on the floor. Attaboy! In this contest you are asked to add bathroom element into chess playing by photoshopping one of the following: 1) Photoshop Vladimir Kramnik playing chess sitting on a "potty". 2) Introduce bathroom elements to a chess championship room, so that players don't have to interrupt. 3) Design a new logo for world Chess Championship 2006. 4) Redesign the chessboard and chess figures to add miniature "potties". P.S. Shortly after posting this contest I received the following letter: Monsieur, I was shocked to see that the topic of your new contest invited members to depict M. Kramnick using the toilettes. Is this really the image of a serious website you wish to give to visitors ? Can you imagine the chagrin of M. Kramnick's family if ever they should come on these ineptly faked pictures ? My recent entry, "Elmo's Potty Time", refused on spurious grounds, tastefully showed our little furry friend in a typical French rest room, with the mamans helping les petits. This is the sort of educational entry you should be encouraging, rather than sordid scatological obscenity showing "chess players" bodily functions. signed, an anonymous French future ex-member (Légion Etrangère retd.)

Funny Odd Bathrooms

Odd Bathrooms
Create images of strange bathrooms with intergated equipment helping spend time in creative ways while doing your "natural duties", OR do a simple bathroom re-painting jobs to give them an unusual look.

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