Fishing Bathroom
Fishing Bathroom
Fishing Bathroom. Source.

Funny Oscar in the Bathroom

Oscar in the Bathroom
Member reactions:
. I suppose this is Plumber Joe's bathroom.

Funny Horse Flying Into a Bathroom by Magritte

Horse Flying Into a Bathroom by Magritte
Magritte Original New bedroom Same values

Funny Polar Bear Bathroom

Polar Bear Bathroom
What're yew lookin' at.

Funny Larry Craig in the Bathroom

Larry Craig in the Bathroom
Craig's caution
Member reactions:
Nice bathroom. I think all the men ran out when he walked in.

Funny Angel Using the Bathroom

Angel Using the Bathroom
Tobias and the Angel by Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo
Member reactions:
nice integration but why the angel have the "skirt" down.

Funny Chess Bathroom Curtain

Chess Bathroom Curtain
Nothing like a hot shower after a grueling match.
Member reactions:
. This is a great bathroom for any chess player. Love all the little extras & nice attention to details.
Numerous delicately implanted chess-objects in this entry make it really stand out. The result is a bathroom any chess player can only dream of.
Very stylish, well done. I especially like that shower curtain work.

Funny Playing a Chess Tournament in the Bathroom

Playing a Chess Tournament in the Bathroom
Bob was just the slightest bit regretful for having that second bean burrito at lunch.
Member reactions:
Brilliant. I love how you made the bathroom chess signs for ladies and gents.
Very clean chop with a good attention to detail. (Shadows, door signs, etc.) Nicely done.
i has same idea, but was hard search public toilets . Well done.
now they have all the conditions for playing the chess game

Funny T-Shirt Model Advertising in Bathroom

T-Shirt Model Advertising in Bathroom
. . . and where better to advertise. The Line Starts Here
Member reactions:
That's what I thought midian was doing in that picture, too.
What about putting this in the ladies room. what can you say freakers'girl.... nice idea.
groose to pi$$ on midian , but nice work

Funny Bathroom Pee Analyser Urinal

Bathroom Pee Analyser Urinal
Built-in analyser...

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