Norman Bates
Norman Bates
Norman Bates. They wouldn't hurt a fly . . . Stocks Used
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The mom is the scariest part. Should have scored higher for sure.

Funny Alfred Hitchcock at the Bates Motel

Alfred Hitchcock at the Bates Motel
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Sometimes they return .......and it is always a pleasure.
Thanks epic,balodiya and lucianomorelli.Yeah Luciano they do come back.I love Hitchcock and his early contributions to both the horror ,and suspense thriller genres he created.Psycho really introduced the moviegoer to the Horror movie genre.His work lives on forever,and I like to pay my respect to his awesome genius
Very stylish with many Hitchcock related elements.
Incredible job, AndWhat.. Congratz on the Wood.
Thanks Newsmaster,uncle,pcr,bob and Jeremix 😃
Thanks Hit,geriatric,wanderer and funkwood

Funny Amy Adams and Kathy Bates at Halloween

Amy Adams and Kathy Bates at Halloween
Strange Kid to very please see large
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Quality work. The shadows on Katy Bates' dress are much lighter than in the rest of the image, makes a bit difference even with the head shadows. If you increase the brightness of your monitor you will see the difference.
Hmmmm, I can't see it Vlad. I adjusted the monitor and it looks within range. I see a very , very slight difference in contrast so maybe on your screen that is exacerbated.. I have had a couple of video card crashes lately so I trust you more than this thing at the moment. Thanks man. And thanks to Andwhat, Elegary, Doc, Luciano.... This one reminds me of Keep It Real's style. Anyone else see that.

Funny The Bates Hotel

The Bates Hotel
Looking for someone like mother.
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Thank you. Deep down I really feel Norman is a true Romantic.

Funny Norman Bates

Norman Bates
If you blinked, you missed it.

Funny Little Girl at Bates Motel

Little Girl at Bates Motel

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