Bat Goddess
Bat Goddess
Bat Goddess. Member reactions:
Fantastic background and large view, congrats on the Bronze PS.
Looks like a very tasty meal she has there. Congrats on the bronze, PS.
Really nice job and I love the skull source. I used it a few contests back and I expect to use it once more befor the holiday. Congrats on a novel idea and the cup. Cheers
Thanks Hits good to see you back on the podium 😎👍🏼

Funny D.Trump Lord Of The Bats

D.Trump Lord Of The Bats
Member reactions:
great job. Gold Grats
Awesome piece of work, Mano. Congrats on the Gold.
Quality Job. Conbatulations on the Gold Win, Mano.

Funny Bat Cat

Bat Cat

Funny Macaw or bat?

Macaw or bat?
Member reactions:
Nice Job, Hidden. He's a Macbat. Or is that the latest menu item at Mickey D's. (:

Funny a new Bat Bunny... baby...

a new Bat Bunny... baby...
Member reactions:
Great idea, nicely done, Bellita. Congrats on the cup.
thanks to all.. this is my first cup.. Im so happy.. ;p
Congrats on your first cup Bellita Super morph.
Great Work, Bellita. Congrats on your first trophy...
Clean as a whistle... Grats on the woody.... Great job

Funny Lion Bat

Lion Bat

Funny Bat + Doberman

Bat + Doberman
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Top 5. Reminds me of AZ Rainman a bit

Funny Terrifying mammal combined with Bat

Terrifying mammal combined with Bat
I combined an icon of terror whose shrieking and blood sucking attacks is source of universal fear .....with a vampire bat.
Member reactions:

Funny Flying Pig Bat

Flying Pig Bat
If pigs could fly. Almost there.

Funny Luke Skywalker Batting in a Baseball Game

Luke Skywalker Batting in a Baseball Game
Luke Skywalker Batter Up

Funny A Big Bat

A Big Bat
After President Trump was photographed holding a baseball bat, Kelly Grovier looks at the history of patriotic props.Baseball, the American cultural critic George Will once wrote, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. If anyone doubts how deeply the pastime has dug itself into the US psyche in the century and a half since the first openly all-professional team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, formed in 1869, one needs merely consider a series of images captured this week in the Blue Room of the White House. Add baseball bats to any politician or celebrities. NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Bat Boy Lives!

Bat Boy Lives!
The half-human half-bat creature Bat Boy was created in the early days of Photoshop in 1992, by former Weekly World News editor Dick Kulpa. Bat Boy's iconic screaming face debuted on the cover of Weekly World News tabloid on June 23, 1992. This issue of WWN became the second-best selling issue in the tabloid's history, making Bat Boy a pop-culture icon that since then appeared in many WWN issues, several books and movies, and even had the whole musical about him. We are doing this contest together with our partner site Weekly World News - WWN is inviting their visitors to come to FN and enter this contest. Together we are going to show the world that Bat Boy is an American hero and rules the world. The winners of this contest will featured by WWN at the end of the week in the special article dedicated to this contest. Select contest images may also be printed in the Weekly World News tabloid. Photoshop Bat Boy any way you wish. Here's the original Bat Boy source image supplied by WWN. Some examples are: photoshopping celebrities and politicians as "Bat Boy", showing Bat Boy at famous locations and events, Bat Boy in movies and paintings... These are just some ideas.... Bat Boys, Bat Boys, what'cha gonna do?

Funny Bats

Humans have been fascinated with bats since the ancient times. Bats are the only mammals naturally capable of flying. While most bats prey on insects, several species sustain themselves with blood of other animals - this feature combined with bats' amazing flying abilities and nocturnal way of life earned them numerous folklore legends, where bats are depicted as vampires who often shapeshift into bats (e.g. count Dracula). Contrary to the old wives' tale that bats entangle themselves in people's hair, a bat is a friendly animal who does not harm humans, but eats up to 3000 mosquitos, bugs, and moths per night, thus "cleaning" your backyard and making your life more comfortable. Some people even install bat houses for this purpose. Photoshop bats any way you wish. Examples may include merging bats with other animals or humans, including them into paintings, or showing what happens if bats rule the world. These are just some ideas.

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