A Grabby Bartender At The Nudist Camp
A Grabby Bartender At The Nudist Camp
A Grabby Bartender At The Nudist Camp. Member reactions:
I just hope that Possum doesn't fool around and shoot the Queen's pinky toe off.

Funny C3PO the Bartender

C3PO the Bartender

Funny Putin Ordering a Vodka From Bartender Obama

Putin Ordering a Vodka From Bartender Obama

Funny Michael Caine the Bartender

Michael Caine the Bartender
Member reactions:
Sorry if I forgot to send invitation to You. Sincerely, Michael Caine.
Head is way to big. I don't hink it works on this particular chop.
Dear AzureSky, It is caricature. I think Michael will excuse us. Changed for smaller head size.
Its a party time... well done to show all the shades of him good job done
Woman is always right. Thank you, AzureSky. See you in following contests. Have a wonderful weekend.

Funny Barack Obama the Last Cyborg Bartender

Barack Obama the Last Cyborg Bartender
the last bartender.........
Member reactions:
This is just great...bet I know who did it.
There are many conflicts in the highlights and shadows. Besides the tone of facial skin is not the same as the body. The body is rough and seems porcelain face, is well illustrated .
Nice piece can see a lot of effort went into it, personally I preferred it darker, pales now in comparison...literally I see you didn't make the Putin caricature yourself.
You need to edit Putin's face for something else - the caricature you used is from CGIsociety site - sources from there are forbidden except when authors give you permissions to use them. We also sent you an email about it. Please edit as soon as possible and dont neglect our requests. Otherwise we'll have to remove the whole chop, which we don't want to do.
Don't know why you did not want to use Putin though. We did not ask you to use some other person, we just asked not to use somebody's caricature. You could use a photo of Putin like you used a photo of Obama. This is still a great chop, but Putin fits the red stars and vodka better than Obama
Because they allow the change when it is almost to the end of the contest. It is assumed that an image already voted for the change last minute. How unfair. I disagree.
I agree with NM, ya should'v used Putin, the resemblance to Obama is very minimal ...anyways your chop your choice, would have like to have seen your sources added to the authors comments.
WTG RickyTrek Congrats Great masterpiece here
Congrats, though your voting in this contest was not very sportsmanlike at all...no entries worth more than a 5. Enjoy the Win...
Sorry I missed the vote for it would have scored a '10'with my vote. Congrats.
You couldbhave won easily on the Merit of the chop/work, it was extremely good...by trying to manipulate the vote as u admitted above makes it a hollow win in my humble opinion
Reading this is better than watcing the three stooges. hahahaha Really nice work. I am assuming I got a 5.0 too. I don't do 5s. I start at 7.5 and up. If you ever give me a 5 again I will show up where you live and ... s on your foot. That said. Big congrads on the gold cup Keep at this standard and you will see a lot more gold.
Awesome Work Congrats Best one out the gate
bel lavoro, ma ke dicono ke hai usato una immagine protetta da copyright.. ma su questo sito tutti usano imm che non potrebbero essere usate. fregatene cograts on the gold this work is the best
Since the voting aspect as been brought up and openly discussed by Ricky here, just thought I should add that his strategic voting tactic didn't harm the placings to other entries in the contest. To have any effect on a contest with your voting, you have to have karma. And that can only be obtained over time by voting fairly on entries. Since Ricky has a karma of 1 (as did the "other" extreme low voter in this contest), his voting didn't have "any impact" on other entries. So the contests are "protected" from such strategic voting practices.....so no point in doing them really. That being said, as Kell mentioned, his chop would have won on it's own merits, and though his voting wasn't kind to others, he did do a very good job, so congrats Ricky
When my work I disqualified at the last moment I never warned of this form. I'm disappointed with the things going on this site. Laws are not for everyone.
Taita, sometimes the use of a copyright source is minimal enough that an edit can be done. Other times, if the copyright source is a main pivotal part of the chop, only a completely different entry would be acceptable. Perhaps your chop fell under the latter category.
Taita without knowing what disqualified entry you are talking about I can't reply to your comment. If you are interested you can email me with attached entry that was disqualified.
mi hanno cancellato un mess. you're welcome ricky
your win has even more value due to the quantity and quality of the opposition .... and you not use photoshop...
Congrats on your first advanced gold, Ricky. Please do not use quotes " " in your entry titles - they mess up our script logic. Thanks.
That is just a total right there, a perfect 10.
Perché ti conosco.. Sono Sergio Lanna Riccà.. e poi lo hai anche detto tu pochi messaggi prima.. (I do not use photoshop, I use Ulead PhotoImpact ... ) ...ciao e complimenti ancora.
Hey Riccardo congrats " lately " on winning great work buddy after seeing these comments i asume my entry got 5 " vote" from every one . and happy new year buddy stay safe ^^
congrats Ricky amazing work and happy new year.

Funny Bartender Bot

Bartender Bot
Asahi beer robot. Pffft, make mine a Heineken
Member reactions:
Not my brand, but I'd switch if I had one of these.
great work, wonder if mashby would drink it...
Remarkably creative. Looks great in the close-up too.
Oh no, chris is using his w1k images here.
Isn't the beer suppose to be yellowish instead of green. Oh and it's missing the shadow in the back.

Funny Bartender Chirac

Bartender Chirac
"A Martini Monsier. Shaken, not stirred of course"
Member reactions:
could be better I mean his hands look too young
I think his hands should look young. He hasn't exactly been laboring with them
Hands look much younger than face, but good head job.

Funny Britney Spears Bartender

Britney Spears Bartender
What a hot bartender.
Member reactions:
MMMMMM. Bacardi.
WetCrimson I missed out on the voting, Yet Im happy to see you placed well. Nice work

Funny Hitspinner the Bartender

Hitspinner the Bartender

Funny Bartender

Member reactions:
The light on the guy is different than the light on the other people. Adjust the brightness/contrast.
what are all these people doing in my bedroom

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