Bart Simpson by Magritte
Bart Simpson by Magritte
Bart Simpson by Magritte.

Funny Bart Has A Strange Head

Bart Has A Strange Head
Member reactions:
Yep, I would hide my head like a turtle too.
the parents photos and the turtle boxer shorts. Congrats on the wood too.
And the wood too. congrats again, Hobbit.
Super good work Hobbit, congrats on the Wood as well.

Funny Bart Simpson in the Saw

Bart Simpson in the Saw
Member reactions:
Bloody Awesome chop, full of terror and horrific. BEST
Bloody Brilliant Chop mate. Congrats in advance.
Fabulous revelations of Simpsons characters Great view of the inside his face well chopped

Funny Bart Simpson with his Children

Bart Simpson with his Children
Member reactions:
Where's the Donuts & Beer for the Kid(Homer).
LoL out of the box, brilliant idea and fabulous work

Funny Bart Simpson's Mission Control

Bart Simpson's Mission Control
Mission briefing before launch.
Member reactions:
Many fine elements here. My favorite is GPS device, .

Funny Simpsons Bart Vader

Simpsons Bart Vader
Bart Vader the next movie.

Funny Jason Bourne Carrying Bart Simpson

Jason Bourne Carrying Bart Simpson
The Action, The Drama for Elmo Possession Never Ends...
Member reactions:
I like a play with the shadows you did to make the added characters belong to the picture.

Funny Bart River

Bart River
they couldn't decide whether to call it Abe River or Bart Creek Originals Please offer any advice possible
Member reactions:
The color of the river makes it look fake.
the color of the whole river, or just at certain parts. and does that mean i should change it from the original or something.

Funny Homer and Bart

Homer and Bart
Fox decided that the TV commercials weren't brining in enough revenue. (Please View Full)

Funny Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson
The Ever-Patriotic Bart Enlists and Heads Off To Iraq.
Member reactions:
Just awesome. Great work and really funny.
Totally, utterley awesome stuff man

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