Barry Hussein and BoBo
Barry Hussein and BoBo
Barry Hussein and BoBo. Member reactions:
Yaaaa hoooooo....... a twofer errr wait, what the.........
Well, it almost, did, almost won hahahahaha That was a strange glitch

Funny Barry Hussein Chamberlain

Barry Hussein Chamberlain
Peace in our time

Funny Barry Obama

Barry Obama

Funny Barry y Biden at the Throne

Barry y Biden at the Throne
On This Day: President Barack Obama jokes with Vice President Joe Biden
Member reactions:
Excellent Nice Photo Pose. Nice Expression.
T This is not a chop but a pin collection show.
All the medals buttons and rags added excellently - looks authentic

Funny Barry Manilow's Plastic Surgery

Barry Manilow's Plastic Surgery
Has Barry had plastic surgery over the years.
Member reactions:
Hahahaaa, Evirio is right. Just like Hellraser.
Hey, it hurts me just looking at him. Grat job.
Painful to look at but, nice work as usual.

Funny Thom Barry Sloth

Thom Barry Sloth
Member reactions:
So natural.... i doubt no need to do much work to look like this
Awesome Awesome Awesome... Good luck friend
Another great one from the master speed chopper

Funny Barry White and the Seven Dwarfs

Barry White and the Seven Dwarfs
I free-hand illustrated the Barry White figure, and traced and redrew an existing dwarfs illustration that was low res, and then colored them both . . . the background was from a Disney book, and the piano & food was various clipart that I manipulated. Please view in Hi-Res Barry White, born Barry Eugene Carter (September 12, 1944 July 4, 2003), was an American composer and singer/songwriter. Most commonly known song: Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe Barry White - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Member reactions:
Use to listen to Barry White all the time back in the 70's. Nice tribute.
Thanks deaddog, thanks preemiememe I added some more info above . . .

Funny White Barry Obama

White Barry Obama
Member reactions:
Well done. Have you made the ears smaller. Because, actually, small ears low on the head is a typically African quality (I never realized that until my mother, the portrait painter, pointed it out). So if you've made his ears smaller, you've made him less white. Okay, I'll cut it out with the trivia now
Looks more together with small ears....I think he just has freakishly large ears to begin with
I'd fix the eyebrows - they look a tad blurry and a tad transparent. Otherwise, superior chop.

Funny Barry Mailow with Huge Nose

Barry Mailow with Huge Nose

Funny Barry Manilow Parrot

Barry Manilow Parrot
Member reactions:
bird needs to be stylized like the additions
Perspective of the nose seems off, otherwise neat.
As usual politician, poliparrot talks a lot.

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