Barrack Birth Certificate Solved
Barrack Birth Certificate Solved
Barrack Birth Certificate Solved. Barrack Mother lode Doc
Member reactions: this shows up on Trumps website.
This shows the real proof of unsolved mystery to solve finally nice thought
Awesome idea Hits, congrats on the Gold great job.
LOVE IT, congrats buddy, darn good one,Trump would like this chop.
Love the way your mind works. Congrats Hits
It just came to me in a dream, there was a witch doctor with a bone in his nose and a ju-ju bean plastic chicken rattle. And the wise witch doctor said to me, "The president's secret floats in the sea." and then he turned into a carrot and disappeared into the sand. . Thanks Champ, Steve, Rajesh. (my brother stranger), Hobbit, PS and DMan.

Funny Barrack Obama with Double Vision

Barrack Obama with Double Vision
Member reactions:
His forehead looks e bit short (nothing inside .)
Congrats on the wood. Obama seems to be happy

Funny Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton Ballet Dancers

Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton Ballet Dancers
Member reactions:
So sweet little pair and perfect matching of thier dress
Hillary looking so cute Great merge of their faces... nice expressions used
Great choice of hillary expression also face dimension fits very well
Congrats on the gold, Evi. You are on a roll.
Well done young master, great swap, great softening, great all around. Congrats on the gold
Thanks all, I'm the first surprised on seeing this chop first.

Funny Barrack Obama as George Washington

Barrack Obama as George Washington
Member reactions:
Awesome Very well executed...Looks great in new character..
Thanks lucianomorelli, balodiya, sulliishere, ericnorthend... Geriatric... HA.
Great reference to the Washington's cherry tree story. teeth

Funny Barrack Obama on His Ranch

Barrack Obama on His Ranch
Member reactions:
Among the best I've seen here. Perspective is awesome.
Fa-bolus Job done Excellent details and clean and flawless job done really great caricature with round glasses on his face which creates a Matured look .. And that pipe with smoking coming out makes the image a High among others Congrats..
Full marks.. One of my fav Great chop with amazingly smooth execution to the caricature and expression its brilliant
Congrats, Mr. F. Reminiscent of R. Crumb. "Keep On Truckin'"
That's all. had fun with this one...I appreciate all the comments, especially raj, he always has lots to say.
Knew it was yours........ can't hide from me. Congrats Funk.
Too awesome for words. Clap Clap Clap. Coongrats on the gold, funkster.

Funny Barrack Obama and Iran's Secret Nuke Plant

Barrack Obama and Iran's Secret Nuke Plant
- Obama Condemns Iran Over Secret Nuclear Plant - US officials say Iran's nuclear plant is no secret to them Sources link
Member reactions:
Really FANTASTIC CHOP but I guess you use part of this source Twisted metal in your work , Amazing work deserved 10 for sure
Some really fine work. The dome blowing off is wicked
Thanks all Getting to be a real circus in regards to Iran with opposing stories.
at AZ. I guess you gotta subscribe to the philosophy of Shifty the camel skull. There is not truth, only interpretations of the truth.
totally surprised ... only 7.869 .. this must get more than 9 ... congrats our Great king on the gold and keep up Great work teacher
Nice one Rainy. One of your better ones in my humble opinion.

Funny Barrack Obama Asleep

Barrack Obama Asleep
Member reactions:
5 shows on Sunday and Letterman on Monday...Pres. O is doing a promo for George Lopez's show on TBS... This train is way overexposed.

Funny Barrack Obama Asleep Sky Diving

Barrack Obama Asleep Sky Diving
Member reactions:
When economy is in a free-fall so is the president... Good chop.

Funny Barrack Obama Tsunami Snoozing

Barrack Obama Tsunami Snoozing
Member reactions:
Cool. Not a good time to be sleeping tho, . Great stuff.
WOw WOw , Of course our king who do that FANTASTIC work . congrats from now
Most impressive chop and satire concept - sleeping while the the country needs help.
Congrats AZ... Always outstanding work...
Congrats on the gold, AZ. I can see it's Rainman 2.0 after a comeback. Upgrades.
CONGRATS... Great work, as usual. I love the clarity in your work.
This is one top pic. He's always my favorate to poke at but, I wouldn't have thought of this. Congrats on the win.
Amazing detail in the wave. Congrats on the gold Rain.
Thanks all Looks like there will be another bail out.
omg this is amazing.. congratulations rain
Congrats on gold Rain. You make it look so easy.
This one had Rain written all over it. Fantastic, gold all the way #236. Congrats.

Funny Barrack Obama and Nancy Pelosi with Chihuahuas

Barrack Obama and Nancy Pelosi with Chihuahuas
Member reactions:
Interesting. Pelosi's face is a tad horizontally stretched. pree. Indeed.

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