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Funny Barbie Pictures

Barbie Girl BobbleheadFunny Barbie Girl Bobblehead
Member reactions:
Nicki Minaj Sources
Her as a Barbie look-alike. Nah...she's a BoobyHead. Nice work-good luck.
She's wearing a dress that has Barbie on it.
Well done on the sources... and a big foot and a bottled head is awesome good choice of using the source pic
I dunno what this is doing here and not wrestling with the other chops at the top, I thought this was goofified magic. Ahhh I see the boo-boo now on second inspection... bloody crop halo around her. Nope, they'll ding that every time. Still... fun stuff, mate.
OH, no, Hitspinner -- that was my bad shadow attempt. She was cleanly cropped.

Jay Leno & BarbieFunny Jay Leno & Barbie
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Barbie Doll AdvertisementFunny Barbie Doll Advertisement
Member reactions:

I'm guessing probably not who you think...but we'll see.
So clean and smooth, excellent chop... Nice barbie look and good try to place the doll over the Pink Chair. really wonderful job done here
Perfect Excellent job done with the doll and the baby........ Clean and flawless job done
One of the best chops in the contest. I like how you made the chair pretty pink too

My Sweet Barbie DollFunny My Sweet Barbie Doll
Member reactions:

My Sweet Barbie doll..
Woody Congrats for you first of many trophies.

Barbie Turbo DryerFunny Barbie Turbo Dryer
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Barbie diggerFunny Barbie digger
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Barbie Dolls Gone WildFunny Barbie Dolls Gone Wild
Member reactions:

where's newsy. with his usual put on bikini tops.

American Gothic Barbie DollsFunny American Gothic Barbie Dolls
Member reactions:

"Classic American '50's love of pink objects

American Gothic Barbie DollsFunny American Gothic Barbie Dolls
Member reactions:

Vintage photo of grandma in her heyday. Nice Job.

Nicole Kidman Barbie DollFunny Nicole Kidman Barbie Doll
Member reactions:

Needs some adjustment with the face, but she looks really nice
thanx rajeshstar , Venneta, geriatrica,
many thanks to all, wonderful story of the votes.

Barbie CelebritiesFunny Barbie Celebrities - Actress Donna Douglas, who played Elly may Clampett on the 1960s television sitcom "The Beverly Hillbillies," is suing Mattel Inc for creating a Barbie doll that looks like her and is illegally using her name to promote and sell their new "Elly May" Barbie. Meanwhile, a life-sized Barbie Doll looks like anorexic model with oversized breast and is used to raise awareness of eating disorders. This is a challenging contest. Take any female celebrity and turn it into a life-sized Barbie. Many thanks to GarRobMil and ChipMcFarlane for the contest concept.

Barbie DollFunny Barbie Doll - Toy giant Mattel Inc. has just launched Barbie Spain - a model of the famous doll in designed in Andalusian culture and flamenco fashion. Spanish Barbie doll has black hair and is dressed in the typical black and red dress similar to traditional dresses worn by Spanish women during celebrations and holidays. Meanwhile Iranian government has banned Barbie doll, claiming that the long-legged big-breasted Western blond doll is destructive for Iranian culture. Barbie doll will turn 50 in 2009. Perhaps Mattel should come up with a middle-age version of Barbie that is more realistic. Photoshop Barbie doll any way you wish. Some examples are: design new versions of Barbie, show what life would be like if Barbie ruled the world, include Barbie doll in movies and paintings, etc.

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