American Gothic Barbie Dolls
American Gothic Barbie Dolls
American Gothic Barbie Dolls. "Classic American '50's love of pink objects

Funny American Gothic Barbie Dolls

American Gothic Barbie Dolls
Member reactions:
Vintage photo of grandma in her heyday. Nice Job.

Funny Nicole Kidman Barbie Doll

Nicole Kidman Barbie Doll
Member reactions:
Needs some adjustment with the face, but she looks really nice

Funny Jessica Alba Barbie Doll

Jessica Alba Barbie Doll
A beautiful doll...
Member reactions:
Looks natural, great quality nice job done
Great work on details, love the hair work on Barbie and on the congrats..

Funny Katie Perry Barbie Doll

Katie Perry Barbie Doll
Member reactions:
Thanks Venneta, rajeshtar, Nanny, sunni, and all are my biggest fans.

Funny Pamela Anderson Barbie Doll

Pamela Anderson Barbie Doll
Member reactions:
Good chop but, a little rought around the edges and the bottom of the legs.
Superb like it, u would have worked on the background to suit her

Funny Oprah Barbie Doll Scrapbook

Oprah Barbie Doll Scrapbook
Now that she has quit her show, she has extra time to do normal things ... like look back over her life and make a scrapbook.
Member reactions:
Brilliant, with lots and lots of excellent work.
Thanks. Here's a link to my full pix that I created to be sources.

Funny Scary Amy Winehouse Barbie Doll

Scary Amy Winehouse Barbie Doll
Member reactions:
This freaky style looks that you, HIDDEN.
Funny pose in the middle

Funny Natalie Portman Barbie Doll

Natalie Portman Barbie Doll
A-must-have-collector's-item, if it's affordable to you Currently stored in a museum. Feedback much appreciated.
Member reactions:
An appealing image, and the face is perfectly integrated, well done.
Silver congrats, Venneta. Very nicely done.
Thanks pcrdds and preemiememe.

Funny Hayden Panettiere the Barbie Girl

Hayden Panettiere the Barbie Girl
Hayden Panettiere
Member reactions:
love it... fun.. festive.., and done very well.
Many thanks Pree, Disasterman, Hobbit, Geri, Suni, Venneta
Very well done, the colors are beautiful and the doll is so pretty
Perfect Job done, great work done also with the puppy
Woo-Hoo Sunshin3 is back with a vengeance. Gold congrats.
Raje, Jim, Mark, Krrish, Balodiya, Paul( is not a vengeance just a lucky chop ), Preemieme, Venneta thank you so much and I am glad you like my work..

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