Barbed Wire Hurdles
Barbed Wire Hurdles
Barbed Wire Hurdles. Member reactions:
Nice. This sport may come handy for soldiers

Funny Barbed Wire Jump Rope

Barbed Wire Jump Rope
Member reactions:
Very good. Good idea with the girl behind the barbwire.

Funny Runnint Along Barbed Wire at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Runnint Along Barbed Wire at the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Member reactions:
I came across the source image online. Good integration behind the existing barbed wire.
Brilliant and origianal, rather stark but I think this adds impact
. This one is GOOD. Hats off.(ps. nice sepia tones)
Congratulations on the (Olympic) gold, dexter.
congrats dexter...this job was really the best in this contest. Deserved...

Funny Barbed Wire candy

Barbed Wire candy
Member reactions:
I see some writing on top that needs to be cloned out.Turn up your brightness a bit.
you mean the very pale 'fund raiser' watermarks. that's part of the box... i love the ball-gag in M's hand.
I LOVE this...kool play on words, gr8 pic manipulation A winner.
Rage, you're looking at the "Fund Raiser" on the FRONT of the box. I believe BruceLeroy is refering to the writting on the "TOP" of the box.

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