Ostrich Barbecue Fiddling
Ostrich Barbecue Fiddling
Ostrich Barbecue Fiddling. Nero Chicken
Member reactions:
Holy Smokes, Frick'n "Devil went down to Georgia" Hot.
What. No Jack Daniels to quench her thirst.

Funny White House Constitution Barbeque

White House Constitution Barbeque
One good revolution deserves....
Member reactions:
Ugggggh, yes. Sad but true about the constitution. Great job. Top 5 up high

Funny Jedi Barbecue

Jedi Barbecue
Member reactions:
Thanks for the compliments. You are very kind.
, Since I am vegetarian could I get some barbeque
Very clever to use the Laser to Grill those chicken pieces its mouthwatering might be its taste different as its cooked by a laser beam good job done using the laser weapons

Funny American Patriotic Barbecue

American Patriotic Barbecue
only thing missing is the beer...

Funny Julian Assange Attends A Barbecue

Julian Assange Attends A Barbecue
Member reactions:
...and FN fundraiser poster is a nice touch.
congrats. Lets have a pulled Assange sandwich.
Congrats on the silver.. I thought you had the gold......
Thanks, RW...you win some, you lose some. Some days the bear gets you, some days you get the bear...and some days it doesn't even pay to go into the forest.
hahaha funny chop. Congrats on the silver pcrdds.
Silver trophy for pcrdds. extra bonus for the man who got the most collections at FN fundraiser.

Funny Cardinal Barbecue

Cardinal Barbecue

Funny Barbecued Bat for Dinner

Barbecued Bat for Dinner
mmmmmmm... One of my favorites. Big eaters can view full for a larger portion.

Funny Turtles on a Barbeque

Turtles on a Barbeque
Member reactions:

Funny Putting Earth on the Barbeque

Putting Earth on the Barbeque
Nothing cooks or heats like a Weber.
Member reactions:
Hey., flip spin that planet around, don't wanna burn us only on one side... Nice presentation.
Now thats gooood eatin'. Very Cool Piece. Tastefully Done.

Funny Barbecue


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