Christine Baranski the Vampire
Christine Baranski the Vampire
Christine Baranski the Vampire. This is my first time, folks. Let me know what I need to know to improve.
Member reactions:
If the source allows it, submit a nice big entry. I'd maybe blend the lips and eyeliner a little more. Great concept, I like her acting.
Welcome to the asylum. Just watch and read the forums on advices. Learn the programs you chop with and give it time. Tips on this chop: It looks like you worked a solid color over a textured surface, (Purple eyelids in this case). Solid areas are texture killers. It's always a good idea to save a copy of the original then color filter it (tint) to match the same purple value. That way you can go back and clone in the skin texture. That is how to fix an area heavilly saturated. The direct way is to select "Soft Light" feature in PS, set to 3% and build a tint over the eyelid. Then pop in a few pixels of highlight dotting, set to same size as the bumps of skin texture to form reflected light.

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