Barack Upside Down
Barack Upside Down
Barack Upside Down. Member reactions:
Shouldn't be also this pic seen completely upside down as far as we are not in a no pressure situation .
Clever chop, love how you showed the floating objects here. Congrats on the silver, tusav.

Funny Barack & Vladimir

Barack & Vladimir
Member reactions:
Creative idea blended perfectly. The bear with his tongue out is a great touch.

Funny A Film by Barack Jose Obama

A Film by Barack Jose Obama
Departures - the best foreign language film .....But The Law Is the Law Guys, only legal immigrants are welcome in America.
Member reactions:
Remove the drop shadows that are on the background and it will be even better. Is there some reason you kept the Japanese names at the bottom.
Just lazy. Original poster is Japanese. Thank you, Paul.
Silver congrats, Andrew. You're making me crazy with those drop shadows.


Member reactions:
Obama's Gun Control. I believe,,, I saw this guy at the voting poll last election. Thuggery Rules.

Funny Selfie with Barack Obama

Selfie with Barack Obama

Funny Barack Obama Behind Bars

Barack Obama Behind Bars
Inmate of the Year

Funny Barack Obama Dancing with Michelle with Ballet Legs

Barack Obama Dancing with Michelle with Ballet Legs
Member reactions:
Looks like a great couple... and funny to see the legs of Obama
I posted this on my FB everyone loved it

Funny Barack Obama as Mr Spock in Star Trek

Barack Obama as Mr Spock in Star Trek
Just trying out some special effects at the expense of our fearless leaders.
Member reactions:
Awesome caricature. Is a new episode coming .
Congrats on the Bronze. You did a remarkable job. Obams eye treatment rocks and I love the ray gun burst effect. How'd you do that..
Kick azz work Luna,congrats on the bronze
Luna great stuff... congratulations on the bronze..

Funny Planet Barack Obama

Planet Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Hilarious things can be done with Obama and his dog... this is specially Obama's world... tongue licking insects and the dog still crazy for the bone is really freaky good work
This where all the democrats came from... Don't want to see where the republicans came...

Funny Barack Obama is Hazardous Waste

Barack Obama is Hazardous Waste
Member reactions:
Woo... like the tornado behind the Whitehouse

Funny Barack Obama

Barack Obama
It's official: Senator Barack Obama launched his campaign to become the president of the United States. Ever since Barack Obama considered running for president, he is followed by people with slogans "Run, Obama, Run!" Obama opened his first election speech with "Election is like a box of chocolates..." In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Senator Barack Obama running for president. Examples may be photoshopping magazine covers, campaign photos, or future presidency achievements.

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