Leonardo Da Vinci Sketch of Barack Obama
Leonardo Da Vinci Sketch of Barack Obama
Leonardo Da Vinci Sketch of Barack Obama. Member reactions:
Pretty funky, I would just fix the foggy neck part

Funny Barack Upside Down

Barack Upside Down
Member reactions:
Shouldn't be also this pic seen completely upside down as far as we are not in a no pressure situation .
Clever chop, love how you showed the floating objects here. Congrats on the silver, tusav.

Funny Barack & Vladimir

Barack & Vladimir
Member reactions:
Creative idea blended perfectly. The bear with his tongue out is a great touch.

Funny A Film by Barack Jose Obama

A Film by Barack Jose Obama
Departures - the best foreign language film .....But The Law Is the Law Guys, only legal immigrants are welcome in America.
Member reactions:
Remove the drop shadows that are on the background and it will be even better. Is there some reason you kept the Japanese names at the bottom.
Just lazy. Original poster is Japanese. Thank you, Paul.
Silver congrats, Andrew. You're making me crazy with those drop shadows.

Funny The Real Presidential Dog Barack Obama

The Real Presidential Dog Barack Obama
Member reactions:
... I saw those eyes and nose somewhere, but don't remember where.
Mr.Bobo's friend got full attention Smoking bud is cool and the locket is awesome Yeh.. agree to LunaC MOLE is lovely
Veyr aristocratic dog. and I agree with LunaC.
Hahaha, the mole and the medal are freaking brilliant.
Poor dog is beginning to look too much like his owner (ha).
PODUS Hound . The little fro on top is a perfect touch hahahahahaa
Clean work as usual. I didn't look close enough the first time but, I see more this pass. Everything looks real.

Funny Barack Obama and BO Play Bubble Soccer

Barack Obama and BO Play Bubble Soccer
Bubble Soccer is a hilarious new sport. Check it out
Member reactions:
Learning something knew every day, now I know what a bubble soccer is Not sure if I'll ever wish to play it though. Cool chop.
There is no game. Bo has 4 leg so it's like playing against 2 players.
Excellent caricature of Obama and its playful dog really funny and like the big bubbley work
Bronze congratz, Paul. Well played heavy hitter.

Funny Barack Obama Holding Miley Cyrus as a Baby

Barack Obama Holding Miley Cyrus as a Baby
Obama admits one of the perks to being president is getting to hold babies
Member reactions:
That crazy tongue action is kinda gross and hilarious. The posters showing how to hold (and not to) a baby are great.
this is awesome... Sara is trying to lick Obama like the tongue to tongue wild kiss concept

Funny Barack Obama's Counselor for South America

Barack Obama's Counselor for South America

Funny Barack Obama Has Foot Problems

Barack Obama Has Foot Problems
Even the president has foot problems
Member reactions:
Get your damn feet off the desk. the man has no respect.
Yell, it's always in his mouth. Good job.
Nice work on the head, foot and toe nails.
Freaking chop.His feet is looking like elephant feet....
Hahahaa, Doctor Salis is there to fix him.
He is big everywhere but brain. Awesome and ironic chop.
Excellent caricature and Obama with freaky foot disease looks cute
Congratulations on all four trophies, Paul.... Must be some kind of record
Congratulations. I missed the vote but, this chop would have scored high.

Funny Barack Obama and Joe Biden by Escher

Barack Obama and Joe Biden by Escher
I didn't even come close to making the deadline for the Escher contest. This took a long time to complete. Here's a link to the original: Source
Member reactions:
One of the best Escher chops I've ever seen. Truly impressive. Thanks for entering it here.
I have no words to explain this chop , Fantastic, Excellent and amazing concept
Congratz on the Gold LunaC . Your Tons of work paid Off.
Between work and life's other commitments it's impossible to create a masterpiece for a contest with a time limit. Top notch Luna.
Simply amazing, excellence in chopping. Gold Congratulations Lunacy.
Congrats darlin. Well deserved.. amazing work.

Funny Barack Obama

Barack Obama
It's official: Senator Barack Obama launched his campaign to become the president of the United States. Ever since Barack Obama considered running for president, he is followed by people with slogans "Run, Obama, Run!" Obama opened his first election speech with "Election is like a box of chocolates..." In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Senator Barack Obama running for president. Examples may be photoshopping magazine covers, campaign photos, or future presidency achievements.

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