Barack & Vladimir
Barack & Vladimir
Barack & Vladimir. Relax
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Creative idea blended perfectly. The bear with his tongue out is a great touch.

Funny A Film by Barack Jose Obama

A Film by Barack Jose Obama
Departures - the best foreign language film .....But The Law Is the Law Guys, only legal immigrants are welcome in America.
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Remove the drop shadows that are on the background and it will be even better. Is there some reason you kept the Japanese names at the bottom.
Just lazy. Original poster is Japanese. Thank you, Paul.
Silver congrats, Andrew. You're making me crazy with those drop shadows.


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Obama's Gun Control. I believe,,, I saw this guy at the voting poll last election. Thuggery Rules.

Funny Bo And Barack Rock

Bo And Barack Rock
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Thats super. Great composition of both and carpet is Awesome
Love this chop. Whith that mantle Bo looks like a vampire
Full Marks for hair style of Bo Great work on Obama and its companion well done
Love how you switched costumes to black. Bo is hilarious here.
Gold congratulations, Doc. Plenty funny chop.... That Elvis rug is a cherry on top
That's a keeper Doc. But B.O. isn't going to like it, time for audit, u reporting all this extra income. Have u applied for a loan from the National Arts Institute. Oh and Congrads on the Gold Cup.
Excellent, excellent work. Love the hair..
Thanks, Jim. I fiddled with the hair quite a while.
Congrats on the Gold. This was my favorite and got my high vote.

Funny Barack & Little Al

Barack & Little Al
Obama & Sharpton source images
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Bloody brilliant - both look so natural. The lion in the background is a great touch, and so is the drone in the sky.
, Excellent, Put Michelle riding in the bowl
TY Newsy. Lots of blending of color and texture TY Gary. TY Geri. It hurts somehow.
Well there's no use in me submitting this week, congrats.
Freaking great. Obama always looks perfect in his national costume. Congrats.
Thanks... Berdulano, Gummy, pcrdds, Wanderer, and Renegade. Yes, I think both look very comfortable in their new surroundings. ...alas, one can only dream.
Hahahahaahah, okay, you officially made the list. Congratulations, you have been assigned your own drone LMFAO.
I really hope this one wins number one spot . It made everybody laugh and smile and in theses times thats what we need :0)
Thanks Hitspinner. You think I made The POTUS target list.. Thanks Gary.... Your so right. We need the laughs..And we have a lot of great choppers here doing their part....... Thank you very much Silver-C......I tried chopping dirty once, it didn't work out...
I appreciate the concept, the execution, and the clever idea. And I always enjoy seeing sources. Good work. And yeah - I think Hitspinner is right - you now own a drone.
Thanks for your wonderful comment aintchicken. I peeked at your stats page. You do really nice work...hope to see you post again here soon. If I'm still around after the drone attack.
Had to come back to it for my morning laugh.
Congrats on the gold, Splat. Part of the winnings goes to "Adopt a Child" program in Africa
Congratulations... Was a no brainer. and very funny
shoot, I knew it all along :0) a well earned first place :0)
Thanks Newsy.......No problem send me a picture of the child I'm sponsoring. God I hope he doesn't look like AL. Thank you Hit-Man... Thanks Gary What a wonderful superlative..Thanks very much Eric. Thanks for all of your comments and votes. You guys make it well worth the price of admission.
Thank you very much Geri, Paul, and Pree... Must have been the Giant Kitty....

Funny Barack

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Ha ha ha Duplicate mole is so crazy, nice work of lip color

Funny Barack on The Wild Side

Barack on The Wild Side
Thought he was James Dean, for a day...and the First Lady goes... Rest In Peace, Lou
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Decent work, a tad on a wild side
Lou makes everybody crazy.... Obama with the funky hair style and Michelle gone crazy with his songs

Funny Barack Obama with Seagulls in His Office

Barack Obama with Seagulls in His Office
Member reactions:
Shutdown got some new visitors.... now Obama is busy with Seagulls as no employees there
Obama gives this a Thumbs up. Thanks for the nice comments.

Funny Seagull Hatching Barack Obama

Seagull Hatching Barack Obama
Member reactions:
This is great Nice tiny obama nice expression
Another proof of his identity revealed....
Great Chop Champ..luv it.

Funny Seagull Biting Barack Obama's Ear

Seagull Biting Barack Obama's Ear
Member reactions:
Like the feathers falling the Obama looking towards the bird good one
lOve how you really made it look real with his stretched ear and look on the gull's side.

Funny Barack Obama

Barack Obama
It's official: Senator Barack Obama launched his campaign to become the president of the United States. Ever since Barack Obama considered running for president, he is followed by people with slogans "Run, Obama, Run!" Obama opened his first election speech with "Election is like a box of chocolates..." In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Senator Barack Obama running for president. Examples may be photoshopping magazine covers, campaign photos, or future presidency achievements.

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