Barack & Vladimir
Barack & Vladimir
Barack & Vladimir. Relax
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Creative idea blended perfectly. The bear with his tongue out is a great touch.

Funny A Film by Barack Jose Obama

A Film by Barack Jose Obama
Departures - the best foreign language film .....But The Law Is the Law Guys, only legal immigrants are welcome in America.
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Remove the drop shadows that are on the background and it will be even better. Is there some reason you kept the Japanese names at the bottom.
Just lazy. Original poster is Japanese. Thank you, Paul.
Silver congrats, Andrew. You're making me crazy with those drop shadows.


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Obama's Gun Control. I believe,,, I saw this guy at the voting poll last election. Thuggery Rules.

Funny Bo And Barack Rock

Bo And Barack Rock
Member reactions:
Thats super. Great composition of both and carpet is Awesome
Love this chop. Whith that mantle Bo looks like a vampire
Full Marks for hair style of Bo Great work on Obama and its companion well done
Love how you switched costumes to black. Bo is hilarious here.
Gold congratulations, Doc. Plenty funny chop.... That Elvis rug is a cherry on top
That's a keeper Doc. But B.O. isn't going to like it, time for audit, u reporting all this extra income. Have u applied for a loan from the National Arts Institute. Oh and Congrads on the Gold Cup.
Excellent, excellent work. Love the hair..
Thanks, Jim. I fiddled with the hair quite a while.
Congrats on the Gold. This was my favorite and got my high vote.

Funny Barack Obama Making Bubbles on White House Lawn

Barack Obama Making Bubbles on White House Lawn
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha nice idea, this party would remain in history ever
Obama trying to melt some ice in this polar wind shift. clean job
Another pointless project hahahaaha. Probably Michelle said, "Do something will ya. Get out of the house."
This is foam or moss in fact, i had problem to find the good word, but its true it looks like a bit ice, in source picture it was foam or scum of a wave You're so right Hitspinner . Maybe now i have to make the party it can be funny

Funny Barack Obama The Fisherman Catching Joe Biden

Barack Obama The Fisherman Catching Joe Biden

Funny Barack Obama Spraying a Hippopotamus

Barack Obama Spraying a Hippopotamus
Member reactions:
HA HA Like it..very well executed.. Good to see the flowers, frog etc..

Funny Barack Obama The Jazz Snake Charmer

Barack Obama The Jazz Snake Charmer
Member reactions:
the snake headphones.

Funny Barack and Michelle Obama Return Home to Their Planet

Barack and Michelle Obama Return Home to Their Planet
Member reactions:
Ho,ho,ho...I wonder where they're zooming off to. Great concept and very funny too.
After AirForce One.... President got to go Mars in a special alien flight good imagination

Funny Barack Obama's Obamacare Bloodbath

Barack Obama's Obamacare Bloodbath
The start of a new era in healthcare is upon us.
Member reactions:
The ick factor definitely has been amped to the max on this one and your message is loud and clear. Very effective.
Fantastic way to show up Obama with an injection trying to invade patients with their blood good work on blood spills all over
Talk about me smoking stuff hahaahahahaha Fine looking chop as always. Congrats on the cup my friend.
Love this kind of chop... congrats Luna..
nice one LunaC looooooooong time no seen ,, Congrats on the bronze

Funny Barack Obama

Barack Obama
It's official: Senator Barack Obama launched his campaign to become the president of the United States. Ever since Barack Obama considered running for president, he is followed by people with slogans "Run, Obama, Run!" Obama opened his first election speech with "Election is like a box of chocolates..." In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Senator Barack Obama running for president. Examples may be photoshopping magazine covers, campaign photos, or future presidency achievements.

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