Greece Bankrupt
Greece Bankrupt
Greece Bankrupt. Greek Prime Minister George "Snidley" Papandreou, is scramling for help. news source: Greek premier struggles to end political deadlock
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George is a real troublemaker. Nice chop.

Funny Queen and Prince Philip Bankrupt

Queen and Prince Philip Bankrupt
So sad when the parents close up the big house, but it's expensive to keep all those empty bedrooms ...
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Clever concept. I actually heard that the British Royalty is close to bankruptcy because their costs are so high
Nice penmanship on the postcard & Congratulations.
Hurray.. I'm so thrilled. THANKS THANKS THANKS..
Thanks, Luke999666, Sunshin3, and NewsMaster.

Funny California Bankrupt

California Bankrupt

Funny Bankrupt Apple's New Store

Bankrupt Apple's New Store
took me some time to finish this... :- -->

Funny Bankrupt McDonalds New Restaurant

Bankrupt McDonalds New Restaurant
Member reactions:
Thanks, GarRobMil...thanks, Sunshin3...thanks, Nanny...thanks, rajeshstar.
Great construction work indeed. Poor McDonald's
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, Ivan. Thanks, JoaoN.
Congratulations on the GOLD, well deserved.
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, IcyAllEyeCan.
Paul says: to protect your self from bankruptcy, invest in GOLD. Congrats on the win.
Thanks, Newsy. If only I would have known that when I was in dental school when it was $40 per ounce.

Funny Welcome to Bankrupt Detriot

Welcome to Bankrupt Detriot
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Forgot to vote HoHouse but, that looks like Seattle.(.)

Funny Dodgers Go Bankrupt

Dodgers Go Bankrupt
Dodgers file for bankruptcy With players like Rainman, Salis and Disasterman, is it any wonder they went bankrupt. Source
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....I guess we could always play for the Blue Jays
Glad I could make you laugh, Disasterman. I don't even know if the Jays would take you guys.
OK-that's three...who's the guy in the rear of the group. Must be Dr. Chuckles-always a comedian. Nice costume Dr. 'C'. Great idea HIDDEN-good luck.
Thanks, geriatric. That's Newsy in costume but I'm not sure who's on Disasterman's shoulder.
PMSL, i told them, I told them i don't know the game .., they insisted .. it all Rainman's Fault..
Salis. Yes, it's Rainman's fault.
Love what u did with the cute monkey and the camel great stuff looks very funny
Many hilarious details here. The mustached D-man pet monkey really cracked me up.
Thanks, Newsy. Monkey looks just like D-Man, doesn't it.
Someone smack that bozo on the left for giving gum to the camel Thanks for the great chuckle.....
Glad I could make you laugh, Man Of Rain. was Salis who gave the gum to the camel.
Awesome , awesome , awesome , These 3 will do anything for laughs .. Great work on this piece....
Thanks, Chili. Yeah, they're much like Moe, Larry and Curly, huh.
Hahaha , You are so right , I knew you did this one anyway ,, BIG BALL PARK BRONZE to you ....
Congrats on the bronze for these three handsome guys Go Dodgers..
Thanks, Sunshin3. Unfortunately, there's little hope for the Dodgers until big changes are made.
Yeah, he does look a lot like you, doesn't he, D-Man.
Congratulations Dr. 'C'. You look good in Camel-Drag.
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Young Mr. Salis. Thanks, PixJockey. Thanks, BOULPIX.

Funny Conan O'Brien Bankrupt Magazine

Conan O'Brien Bankrupt Magazine
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new show stinks so far ... AZ might be right.
. Conan looks so beaten here - he looks like Ben Affleck.
Is it just me or does he look a little like Gollem.

Funny GOP is Bankrupt Magazine Story

GOP is Bankrupt Magazine Story
a grip on the wheel does not mean traction at the tires
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Effective. Whose face is it in the background.
thank you. i wanted it to work on at least two visual levels: creating an all-seeing eye at a top of a pyramid, and flipping the flag to represent the emergency of our iconic preoccupation. there should be some subconscious activity stimulated as well.
also like using as few words as possible. try to pull viewer in, give space for interpretation. enjoyed using smallest font for the largest of contextual bookend subplots.

Funny Warren Buffett Bankrupt

Warren Buffett Bankrupt

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