North Korean Square Cardboard Banknote
North Korean Square Cardboard Banknote
North Korean Square Cardboard Banknote.

Funny Napolean Chilean Banknote

Napolean Chilean Banknote
Member reactions:
Wood for Napoleon and Dos. Congratulations.

Funny Israeli Albert Einstein Dog Banknote

Israeli Albert Einstein Dog Banknote
Albert and his dog Albert
Member reactions:
The hair is a perfect match. Great choice.
perfect gold LunaC This one will end up in magazines for sure.
Great job on this image LunaC. I love it. Well deserved gold. Congrats.
Congratulations, Luna. Great to see you on the gold podium again.

Funny John McCain + Canadian Banknote

John McCain + Canadian Banknote
Please see full size.
Member reactions:
Good image, the binding on the Time magazine is incorrect and is that real Canadian currency.
It's real Photoshop made with real electrons, and that's about all that's real in this pic. ($5 source). Thanks all
It's real enough for me. Nice work, as always AZRM. Congrats on Gold.
Congrats Rainman, I'll be chilling with Woody in the hot tub for sure.
Congratulations on the gold (currency) Rain.

Funny Donald Trump + $2 Banknote

Donald Trump + $2 Banknote
Member reactions:
BRILLIANT composition. Never suspected Trump is a good match for Jefferson
Sorry to ruin your Woody streak. Check out the got wood. thread in the forums for your special Woody chop from me to you.

Funny Charlize Theron + Norway Banknote

Charlize Theron + Norway Banknote
Peek a boo
Member reactions:
Great idea.Way to make yours stand out of the crowd.

Funny Hillary Clinton + Australian Banknote

Hillary Clinton + Australian Banknote
Member reactions:
Great entry, and Obama on the bank note takes it to a new level.

Funny Heath Ledger + $10 Banknote

Heath Ledger + $10 Banknote
How to create your very own counterfiet Heath Ledger bill. heath ledger source
Member reactions:
Congrats Bee So are you going to the hot tub to get your woody. hehe

Funny Rosie O'Donnell + $100 Banknote

Rosie O'Donnell + $100 Banknote
100 Rosies
Member reactions:
Very nice alignment of the features. I don't know who I feel more sorry for ... Rosie or Ben. It's like they were separated at birth.
This is freaking briliant. One of the most hilarious ones in the contest.

Funny Mel Gibson + $50 Banknote

Mel Gibson + $50 Banknote
Money is the cause of all the wars in the world.

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