Antonio Banderas with Double Vision
Antonio Banderas with Double Vision
Antonio Banderas with Double Vision.

Funny Bashar Al Assad and Antonio Banderas Hybrid

Bashar Al Assad and Antonio Banderas Hybrid
Bashar Al Assad - Antonio Banderas
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Funny Antonio Banderas as a Woman

Antonio Banderas as a Woman
Antonio Banderas

Funny Antonio Banderas Pop Art

Antonio Banderas Pop Art

Funny Larry King ixed with Antonio Banderas

Larry King ixed with Antonio Banderas
crazy hubby

Funny Happy Birthday Antonio Banderas!

Happy Birthday Antonio Banderas!
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this will be really amazing work if you just edit his face position it's great till now
Professional work. Love how you did the caricature and the birthday setting.
I like the topaz in this chop. works well
Nice to see you back and topazing, Mandrak

Funny Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith

Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith
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They both seem to be in the groove, and this chop is too.
Congrats Anavrin, nice job Reminds me of Ricky and Lucy,

Funny Antonio Banderas the Beer Cat

Antonio Banderas the Beer Cat
Or perhaps it's El Hoss Catwright. Animated comparison of Banderas to Beer Cat Note: Antonio Banderas is synonymous with Puss-n-Boots from the movie Shrek.
Member reactions:
Great chop. but he's a bit unrecognizable
Agree with rwpike re resemblance but that aside, the chop is very nicely put together...very clever
You lost me why he doesn't resemble Banderas as a cat.
you got the eyes spot on...Stunning as said before..
All the added details makes it point to the cat being Banderas.....and it's a wicked brilliant chop.....was just saying that ya wouldn't pick it as banderas by just the face alone.....that's all
Maybe he's too fat, but then again he wouldn't be a beer cat
....maybe sometimes it's a combo of subtle facial features that ya might not think about initially that "makes" someone look like who they crinkles around the eyes, shape of the nose, eyebrows, hairline, the way they smile...taking just one or two away can take away what makes them...them. (I'll shut up now...I'm confusing myself......)
Very nice work, and anyways Banderas is "THE" cat Puss in Boots, that's recognizable enough to me & if you'v seen the latest Shrek that's 1 pretty fat cat
The beer bottle with the spilled beer is a great touch. So is the bottle opener key chain with the Zorro sign. and boy, has the Banderas cat grown some beer belly.
CONGRATS...Kinda looks like Obama at the face
Excellent. I like the fact that you added a link to the gif animation as well. I can see the resemblance. Bravo AZ.
Thanks all El Gato Banderas spotted raiding the brewery in Nogales this evening,
congrats on an awesome pic and win mate....

Funny Antonio Banderas Giant Pilot

Antonio Banderas Giant Pilot

Funny Antonio Banderas Birthday Biker

Antonio Banderas Birthday Biker
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funny and very cool .. just the reflect need more work to be awesome

Funny Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas
Celebrations are in order - it's Antonio Banderas' 50th birthday! The star was born Jose Antonio Dominguez Banderas in Spain 50 years ago today and dreamed of being a professional soccer star until a broken foot ended his sporting dreams - and put him on the path to Tinseltown. After launching his acting career on the Spanish stage, Banderas found fame in Hollywood with roles in hit movies including "Desperado," "The Mask of Zorro" and the "Shrek" franchise, making him one of Spain's most successful exports. While Banderas speaks in his native Spanish with an Andalusian accent with his family and the Spanish press, he switches to a Castilian accent when playing non-Andalusian roles or when dubbing his Hollywood roles. He owns 50% of a winery in Northern Spain called Anta Banderas which makes red and rose wines. Happy Birthday, Antonio! We wish you many great roles ahead! To celebrate the 50th birthday of Antonio Banderas, photoshop him any way you like.

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