Modern Edgar Degas Ballerinas
Modern Edgar Degas Ballerinas
Modern Edgar Degas Ballerinas. Source from back when they were little girls
Member reactions:
excellent work on the Balled dancers and the shadow casting is fine
Thanks rajesh, I was beginning to wonder if anyone even saw this one.

Funny Vladimir Putin the Ballerina with Child

Vladimir Putin the Ballerina with Child
Member reactions:
Clever choice, the mother is perfect, but maybe some shadows in her arm, below the baby's face could make it better...
They looks so real... Looks like a tribal girl of Amazon give birth to a look alike baby well done

Funny Vladimir Putin the Ballerina

Vladimir Putin the Ballerina

Funny Turkey Ballerina

Turkey Ballerina
Member reactions:
Living on the edge an awesome stunt done using only the finger nail very good chop love to see the hair of the turkey
ty. at 1st I was making a ballerina bun head ,but I then got carried away.
Amazing dancing Turkey, very beautiful step, So tasty looks Nice hair style
ha ha skinless turkey looks very nice and beautiful pose given.
Awesome work pree, I LOVE the way your shadows show varied depth, and PERSPECTIVE from the background without being too overpowering. It is very refreshing.. Hope to see you enter more often. (You've always kicked A$$)
Thanks everyone.. I hope you all Have a great Holiday..
Freaking brilliant turkey ballet-isation. Had to laugh at the toes-claws coming through the ballet shoes. Congrats on the gold.

Funny The Fat Ballerina by Degas

The Fat Ballerina by Degas
Please view full

Funny Ballerina With Short Legs

Ballerina With Short Legs
Original Girl
Member reactions:
Excellent work with the source love this curtain and good placement of shorter legs and the Freaking Ballat Board

Funny Sylvester Stalone and Bruce Willis Ballerinas

Sylvester Stalone and Bruce Willis Ballerinas
Member reactions:
*~~* I'm afraid only John Travolta can explain this action duo.
What type of actions they were going to take they look so cute and lovely like the facial and complete look of both the heros...

Funny Wesley Snipes with Ballerina Legs

Wesley Snipes with Ballerina Legs
Member reactions:
Yeah secret revealed so this is the power of your health
I personally loved this one and thought this one would win. Very nice idea and amazing chop. Congrats on being my fave entry.

Funny Ballerinas and HipHop Dancers by Degas

Ballerinas and HipHop Dancers by Degas
Member reactions:
The Music plays and the guitars sings the ladies were dancing its a very good environment to dance and do Hip Hop both were merged well ...

Funny Cat Ballerina

Cat Ballerina
I apologize I had the same idea with another entry, is just a coincidence.
Member reactions:
really like the hair on the legs. Bet that was a PITA.
Bravo Excellent and fantastic job done 10 out of 10
Marvelous... the white hat, White Shoes and the White Dress is too awesome to the Cat, its looks great in this attire. Great background selection and nice dancing pose given to the image, its perfectly suites to the Ambiance Very Well done I really like this
Sorry for late reply, thank you everybody for the lovely comments I am very glad you like it..
Beautiful work Sunshine fanciful feline fun kitty better watch out for those big cracks, though
Thank you so much Subjhraj1t, Jeremix, Pcr,Pree, Geriatric, Qtr you are right but it was hard to decide on the bg, not to tell about painting the fur but overall I think the result is pretty good
Sunshine, overall the result is much, much better than "pretty good" ... Especially the work you did with the fur.
Congrats on the win, Sun. That kitty is charming. Luv how you did the legs.
Many thanks Qtr, Newsy glad you like it

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