Balding Ziyi Zhang
Balding Ziyi Zhang
Balding Ziyi Zhang.

Funny Balding Hurley from Lost

Balding Hurley from Lost

Funny Balding George Bush

Balding George Bush
Member reactions:
Lurv the "do"

Funny Old Balding Justin Bieber

Old Balding Justin Bieber

Funny Balding Sandra Bullock

Balding Sandra Bullock

Funny Balding Corey Feldman

Balding Corey Feldman

Funny Hugh Laurie Balding

Hugh Laurie Balding

Funny Balding Gordon Gekko

Balding Gordon Gekko

Funny Angelina Joile Balding

Angelina Joile Balding

Funny Balding Lassie

Balding Lassie
Member reactions:
the concept. Love the badge
Thanks master of news. No offense to Doxi.

Funny Balding Celebrities

Balding Celebrities
Celebrities are obsessed with their looks and hair is big part of it. Losing hair is like losing face in Hollywood, and there's never ending fight to reverse balding. Some celebrities start this battle too young, the latest example is Prince William, who's only 27. Photoshop balding celebrities. Make sure they are not completely bald, but partially bald. Here's a good example by Johnx1.

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