Bald little skeleton in Marine's closet
Bald little skeleton in Marine's closet
Bald little skeleton in Marine's closet.

Funny Leslie Neilson Bald

Leslie Neilson Bald
... Gun actor Leslie Neilson
Member reactions:
Great job but I think the hand and gun drew the score down, just doesn't fit.
Couldn't have drawn it down much, it got all 8s, 9s, and 10s. The gun was just to tie it into the " ... Gun" movies. The owl is there just because I'm weird. Thanks all
Great looking beard, Hits. Lil Owl nice touch also. Bronze congrats against some tough competition.

Funny Bald Story

Bald Story
Member reactions:
the eight ball. quality chopping.
double congrats. great using the statue for beard.
Excellent idea with a cartoon approach. Congrats on the Woody & the Double winner.

Funny Bald Alan Rickman in Die Hard

Bald Alan Rickman in Die Hard
- Alan Rickman: "My best present was dirty singlet of John McClane from Bruce Willis"

Funny Bald Donald Trump Holding an Eagle

Bald Donald Trump Holding an Eagle
Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder
Member reactions:
Hahaha, clever. I see Donald is an FN fan too
Cool, I bet you are the first to do trump bald. Good thinking.

Funny Monster Holding a Bald Eagle on a Boat

Monster Holding a Bald Eagle on a Boat
Member reactions:
Thanks Everyone for all the great comments and high votes... Seems like an October chop, I'm glad you liked it.
Thanks for the Fave, Newsy. Yeah..I agree it's spooky. I catch myself staring into their gaze after a bit.
Experienced choppers make a difference. Congrats SS, I think they got it right. Gold chop.
Cold Congrats, SplatShot . Too hard recognize Trump without his glued hair. Awesome job.
Thanks for the compliment, Hits. It means a lot. Thank you very much, Bob. Thanks, Andrew. Can you image just how ugly this Trump guy would be after a possible 8 years as the POTUS.

Funny Bald Eagles Flying Donald Trump to their Nest

Bald Eagles Flying Donald Trump to their Nest
Member reactions:
Great job. I Like how you changed the legs and the tie to add to the flying motion. Love the Thankgviving nest notice
Kewl Job, Icy. fire the eagles Donald.

Funny Bald Eagle Holding a Donald Trump Bird

Bald Eagle Holding a Donald Trump Bird
Eagle Trump with his pet
Member reactions:
Great Build. And fun Idea of swapping heads.
Congratulations on the cup, Marco. Very Kewl Image. I like the Bats idea.
Congrats on the silver, Mark. Fine looking chop

Funny Michelle Obama Bald

Michelle Obama Bald
Click Here For The News Story Hey Berry, Does this new bald look make my butt look big. No. Your fat a$$ makes it look big.

Funny Bald John Lennon

Bald John Lennon
Member reactions:
He needs a bit more neck I think. Great job otherwise.

Funny Bald & Bearded

Bald & Bearded
It's only been 10 months since the late-night host retired, and, boy, did he change his looks! David was seen bald and bearded on his daily jogging route. Mr. Letterman said he really disliked shaving when working as a show host, and he's really happy to let his beard grow now! Take any celebrity and make him/her both bald and bearded.

Funny Donald Trump with Bald Eagle

Donald Trump with Bald Eagle
In today's stock contest we have a photo of two bald eagles Donald Trump posing with his bald eagle called Uncle Sam. The photo shoot was done for Time magazine in Trump's Manhattan office overlooking Central Park. Photoshop this photo of Donald Trump and his bald eagle any way you wish.

Funny Bald Celebrities

Bald Celebrities
Britney Spears shocked the world again by shaving her head. Britney just keeps us all guessing as to what she will do next. We were all stunned when she was caught on film without underwear. Logically speaking, I guess we can expect to see her never wearing a hat now. In this contest we are going to photoshop bald celebrities and politicians - women only. Photoshopping female celebrities like Spears bald pictures and Antonella Barba is fine as long as the source you use is one showing them with hair. One thing is certain for bald celebrities - they have little to worry about their hairstyles.

Funny Bald Celebrities

Bald Celebrities
Photoshp bald celebrities by showing what any celebrity, politician or other famous face would look like with bad hairstyle or balding or with little hair. Besides bald celebrities, site member images are also acceptable, however, only one member per contest submitter allowed.

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