Newly Bald FLOTUS
Newly Bald FLOTUS
Newly Bald FLOTUS. Click Here For The News Story Hey Berry, Does this new bald look make my butt look big. No. Your fat a$$ makes it look big.

Funny Christmas wishes for evil bald dwarf

Christmas wishes for evil bald dwarf
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the gold. Lots of stuff to look at. Merry Christmas
Thank you. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays, everyone.
Cool beans, Andrew. Congrats on the gold. Merry Christmas.

Funny And where's the bald one flying? To China! Where else?

And where's the bald one flying? To China! Where else?
Europe together succeed another XXI century great project ... and only Russia is out of European integration and stays a barrel of oil, a country with a third level economy (even not second). Oil prices go down and Russia goes down too. Russian currency, ruble, is collapsing. What's next. History is repeating itself but in a different dimension. Starvation of population, a new revolution and new "Putin" or "Yeltsin" as a result. 20 years ago after the end of the communism, it missed its chance to integrate into the world of free economy like a normal partner and become a civilized country.
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European Spacecraft Lands on Comet in Historic Space Feat

Funny You lost, the bald-shorty!

You lost, the bald-shorty!
You lost the bald-shorty (Described Judoka)
Member reactions:
Funny, but I'd remove Putin shooting the bird from the banner
Two players. One won and another lost. Probably uniforms color has to be different to show different team players, but it is too late now for changes.
Thank you. But I can only watch voting. I am far away from my Photoshop PC.
Fantastic work... Its a signature job done like the way Obama and Putin are put together competing each other by showing their characters for Basketball good work with shadows as well like it
I agree with Paco about colors, otherwise players of the same team but with different sponsors
Great political satire, but I agree that it'd be nice to have them in different uniforms, playing for two different teams.
Thank you, MsgtBob, Jeremix and NewsMaster.

Funny Bald Eagle Parrot

Bald Eagle Parrot

Funny Bald Baby with a Beard

Bald Baby with a Beard
Member reactions:
I know a Lawyer that looks just like this guy. Great Job.
Cool beans, Hidden. Nanny.

Funny Bald Grey Kid

Bald Grey Kid
Member reactions:
Clean work, but would be nice to add some hair on the sides to show that he is balding, instead of being bald-shaved

Funny American Bald Eagle Lizard

American Bald Eagle Lizard
Member reactions:
Great job in mixing bird and reptile breeds good work and nice color mix with a Egg about to hatch
Perfect blend. Love the vivid colors here. Congrats on the bronze, Luna.
Awesome, one of my favorite. Bronze congrats Luna.
Schweet. Congratulations LunaC, I really admire your work. ; )

Funny Bald Horsefly

Bald Horsefly
Member reactions:
Nice merge of Horse and the eagle face well done

Funny Glasses? Bald? Who cares!

Glasses? Bald? Who cares!
Neil Patrick finally convinces John to be OUT & PROUD.

Funny Bald Celebrities

Bald Celebrities
Britney Spears shocked the world again by shaving her head. Britney just keeps us all guessing as to what she will do next. We were all stunned when she was caught on film without underwear. Logically speaking, I guess we can expect to see her never wearing a hat now. In this contest we are going to photoshop bald celebrities and politicians - women only. Photoshopping female celebrities like Spears bald pictures and Antonella Barba is fine as long as the source you use is one showing them with hair. One thing is certain for bald celebrities - they have little to worry about their hairstyles.

Funny Bald Celebrities

Bald Celebrities
Photoshp bald celebrities by showing what any celebrity, politician or other famous face would look like with bad hairstyle or balding or with little hair. Besides bald celebrities, site member images are also acceptable, however, only one member per contest submitter allowed.

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