Bald Tom Hanks
Bald Tom Hanks
Bald Tom Hanks.

Funny Bald Kid Rock

Bald Kid Rock
I am always suspicious if celebrities never ever take their hat off. I guess when you turn 40 the aging process starts rapidly.

Funny Bald Mat Damon

Bald Mat Damon
Happy Birthday Matt... A great actor...
Member reactions:
Works for sure. 39.95.

Funny Bald Sherrif Mick Jagger

Bald Sherrif Mick Jagger
Member reactions:
Very good blend, now I will sell my Mick wig.

Funny Bald Dr House

Bald Dr House
Member reactions:
Pretty cool. The doc now needs to see a hair transplant doctor

Funny Bald Barack Obama

Bald Barack Obama
I hope you enjoy.
Member reactions:
"Make sure they are not completely bald, but partially bald."

Funny Bald Sandra Bullock

Bald Sandra Bullock
Member reactions:
Photoshop balding celebrities. Make sure they are not completely bald, but partially bald. maybe add a comb over, hahahahaa.
Compared to her long flowing hair this IS partially bald LoL Great work I reckon.

Funny Bald Kristen Stewart

Bald Kristen Stewart

Funny Bald Alec Baldwin

Bald Alec Baldwin

Funny Bald Bruce Willis

Bald Bruce Willis

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