Baghdad Bob by Rembrandt
Baghdad Bob by Rembrandt
Baghdad Bob by Rembrandt.

Funny Baghdad Burger Boy Tony Hayward Working For McDonalds

Baghdad Burger Boy Tony Hayward Working For McDonalds
Member reactions:
OMG excellent still from transformers. Wher'd you dig that up... I looked all over for something like that a while back.. any more where you found this. Nice one by the way L M AO at the rat burger
That one is heavily spliced, but there's large Transformer photos here.
Thanks a bunch, some great sources there. I'll be using a few for sure.
Yeah dropping in the Mc sign looked like a fair bit of fussing about to get that effect to look so good.
Congrats on the silver Rainman, great job.
Congrats rain, I don't know that you got my votes. When i submitted it didn't submitted . Excellent Chop rain.
Thanks all Have a McRat burger... Krish: I also had problems yesterday with trying to get an image to upload. Not sure what the cause was.
Alot of sweet detail put into this, great job as per usual
bwahahahaha that's very funny and cool work teacher .. congrats on the silver , how did you find the right arabic words of MacDonald .
DK i agree, the hat text is awesome, and the burger is superb, but the subtle mcdonalds sign falling is brilliant and masterfully done
Kratos: clipped the words of a McDonald's sign in Kuwait. Thanks again all...
Great job AZ... Congrats on another beauty...
i like this one dude great job and good idea keep going & congrats on win

Funny Baghdad War Movie Poster

Baghdad War Movie Poster
Please view full version SOURCE
Member reactions:
Actually, BOTH are correct(Merriams, Ency Brit, Am Heritage). Bagdad is MORE correct because Baghdad won't fit.
DUPE (well this new server didn't last long Chuck up the $$$ Newsy, you're too successful.)
I admire your logic in justifying your spelling choice.

Funny Bomb on a Cement Truck in Baghdad

Bomb on a Cement Truck in Baghdad
Suicide truck bomb kills 15 in Baghdad, a sad News wich i'm not support. Please view full and sources before vote.
Member reactions:
Thanks God, to duffski, JannaR & slippypixel for the comments, to the voters & Mashby for the gold star.

Funny Iran's Bank in Baghdad

Iran's Bank in Baghdad
Iran plan to open bank in Baghdad
Member reactions:
Time for Another CashOut...ENJOY FREAKERS.
funny, i'd like to see more honesty in the names of banks, like the 'bank of screw you we're only after your money'

Funny Baghdad

The Other Side Has Robots, Too.
Member reactions:
, nice thinking and by nice I mean evil. Softening the edges on this guy may make him melt into the source a bit better. He stands out as a bit pasted on to my eye still. Beautiful work on the shadow.
Infidels come, look at this thing in my hand

Funny Baghdad Amusement Park

Baghdad Amusement Park
Keep your head down, hands and feet inside the compartment at all times...
Member reactions:
At the end of the day they have a fireworks show. Not many survive this...

Funny Baghdad Cindy

Baghdad Cindy
Hanoi Jane meet Baghdad Cindy.
Member reactions:
They are true to each other. Just like Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Hannah

Funny Old Baghdad

Old Baghdad
View the Full horror

Funny Baghdad Nights

Baghdad Nights
Member reactions:
I'd love to know too, this is a lovely entry.
The font is Psuedo Saudi, it can be downloaded at

Funny Baghdad Bob

Baghdad Bob
Photoshop Baghdad Bob (Comical Ali) in other jobs that he could have chosen to start his career over with.

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